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method analysis employs which of the following charts in its analysis of the movement of workers and materials


a product whos eoq is 40 experiences a decrease in ordering cost from 90 per order to 10. the revised EOQ is

One-third as large

a time study is being conducted to determine the standard time for a job that is made up of several elements. this standard time requires as inputs

the average observed time for each element

which of the following statements describes job rotation

the operator is allowed to move, for example from one type of CNC machine to the other

insurance and taxes on inventory are part of the costs known as setup or ordering costs

false (holding or carrying costs)

the reorder points is the inventory level at which action is taken to replenish the stocked item


if setup costs are reduced by substantial reductions in setup time the production order quantity is also reduced


if the actual order quantity is the economic order quantity in a problem that meets the assumptions of the economic order quantity model shown below, the average amount of inventory on hand

is one half of the economic order quantity

work in process inventory is devoted to maintenance, repair, and operations


timing a sample of a worker's performance and using it to set a standard is the work measurement technique of

time studies

the two most basic policies associated with employment stability are

follow demand exactly and hold employment constant

ergonomics is not concerned with

adequate compensation schemes

the goal of a human resource strategy is to manage labor and design jobs so people are effectively and efficiently utilized


psychological factors have little relevance in the design of assembly line jobs since they involve physical products and production technology


an inventory decision rule states "when the inventory level goes down to 14 gearboxes, 100 gearboxes will be ordered" which of the following statements is true

14 is the reorder point and 100 is the order quantity

in the quantity discount model, the cost of acquiring goods (product cost) is not a factor in determining lot size


in the basic EOQ model , if D= 5000 per year, S=$100, H=$5 per unit per month, the economic order quantity is approximately


flextime is a system that allows employees, within limits, to determine their own work schedules


the visual workplace

all of the above

the physical environment in which employees work may affect the quality of work life but it does not affect their performance and safety


ABC analysis divides on hand inventory into three classes, generally based upon

annual dollar volume

a major change in inventory management is to maintain a balance between inventory investment and customer service


the assumptions of the production order quantity are met in a situation where annual demand is 3650 units, setup cost is $50, holding cost is $12 per unit per year, the daily demand rate is 10 and the daily production rate is 100. the production order quantity for this problem is approximately


a manufacturing plant allows its engineers to come in at 7 AM. plus or minus an hour but still requires them to work 8 hour days. Which of the following scheduling techniques is the firm employing?


in the simple EOQ model, if annual demand were to increase the EOQ would increase proportionately


in the production order quantity model, inventory does not arrive in a single moment but flows in a steady rate, resulting in a larger lot size than in an otherwise identical EOQ problem


a product demand of 2250 units per year. ordering cost is 20 dollars and holding cost is $4 per unit per year. the cost-minimizing solution for this product is to order

150 units per order

the two extremes of employment stability policy are "follow demand exactly" and "keep demand constant"

false ("keep employment constant")

managers should seek to control such work environment factors as

all of the above

temperature, air quality, noise and vibration, illumination

the primary purpose of the basic economic order quantity model shown below is

to minimize the sum of setup cost and holding cost

the two most basic inventory questions answered by the typical inventory model are

timing and quantity of orders

an operations chart, or right hand/left hand chart, points out wasted motion and idle time


the hawthorne studies, which showed that there is a dynamic social system in the workplace, took place in the 1960s

false 1920s

two uses of labor standards are to determine the labor content of items produced and to determine staffing needs


companies like ABB and GE are heavily reliant on forecasting and inventory metrics, such as inventory turns, to make important managerial decisions in their operations


one advantage of cycle counting is that it maintains accurate inventory needs


a time study procedure involves timing a sample of worker's performance and using it to set a standard


according to mark hemman good sound operational data and metrics are all you need to have a successful project in industry


labor standards are defined as the

amount of time required to perform a job or part of a job

most inventory models attempt to minimize

total inventory based costs

technology, location, and layout decisions are all possible constraints on the human resource strategy


mark hemman from GE presented on DMEDI which is essentially the same process as DMAIC


a worker completed a job 10 times during a period in which a normal, trained employee completed the task 8 times. what is the workers performance rating

125% (10/8)

ergonomics is a branch of economics that deals with the costs of scheduling workers


in a large aerospace company, it has been discovered that some insulators have been damaged.A methods specialist is sent out to follow the insulators through the production and storage process and to try to find out where in the process they are damaged. the specialist should use


suppose that the allowance factor for a job is .5 and the normal time is 5 hours. what is the standard time?

10 hours
standard time=normal/1-allowance time

ABC analysis is based on the presumption that carefully controlling all items is necessary to produce important inventory savings


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