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a program that downloads on your computer when you install a freeware program, game, or utility. Generally, adware enables sponsored advertisements to appear in a section of your browser window or as a pop-up ad box

antivirus software

software that is specifically designed to detect viruses and protect a computer and files from harm


a large group of software applications (called robots or bots) that runs without user intervention on a large number of computers

encryption virus

a malicious program that searches for the common data files and compresses them into a file using a complex encryption KY, thereby rendering the files unusable


a software program or hardware device designed to prevent unauthorized access to computers or networks

identity theft

the process by which someone uses personal information about someone else (such as the victim's name, address, and social security number to assume the victim's identity for the purpose of the defrauding others

image backup (system backup)

a copy of an entire computer system, crated for restoration purposes

incremental backup *partial backup)

a type of backup that only backs up files that have changed since the last time those files were backed up

logical ports

a virtual communications gatway or path that enables a computer to organize requests for information (such as web page downloads and e-mail routing) from other networks or computers


the process of sending e-mail messages to lure Internet users into revealing personal information such as credit card or social security numbers or other sensitive information that could lead to identity theft

social engineering

any technique that uses social skills to generate human interaction for the purpose of enticing individuals to reveal sensitve information


an uinwanted piggyback program that downloads with the software you want to install from the internet and the RNS in the background of your system

surge protector

a device that protects computers and other electronic devices from power surges


a computer that is controlled by a hacker who uses it to launch attacks on other computer systems

when a hacker steals personal info with the intent of impersonating another individual to commit fraud this is known as

identity theft

viruses that activate on certain dates or with the passage of time are known as

time bombs

unlike a virus, _____ do not require human interaction to spread on thier own


antivirus software works by detecting virus code unique to a particular virus known as a

virus signature

which tools do hackers use to gain access to and take control of your computers

backdoor programs

a computer that a hacker has gained control of in order to launch DoS attacks is known as a ___ computer


software designed to close logical ports in your computer is known as a


devices that use unique personal characteristics such as fingerprints or iris patterns to identify authorized computer users are called _____ devices

biometric authentication

programs that attempt to trick you into buying software by pretending your computer is infected with a virus fall into the class of malware known as


a backup of only files that have changed since the last backup was executed is known as a(n)

incremental backup

T or F Pretexting is an example of social engineering


sending emails to lure people into revealing personal information is a technique known as pharming

false. phishing

T or F encrypting data is not an appropriate measure for protecting mobile devices as phones


T or F adware and spyware are both types of malware


T or F password strength is primarily determined by the length of the password


the individuals responsible for making a Web site easy to navigate are reffered to as

interface designers

what type of job involves a great deal of travel and the ability to work independently

filed based

which position is not typically a part of the information systems department

Helpdesk analysts

Outsourcing is thought to be an attractive option for many companies because of

the cost of savings that can be realized

Which role best describes those employees who design solutions to problems?

system analysts

which of the following statements about IT careers is true?

IT job requires frequent interactions with others

which task is not typically performed by a network administrator?

web site programming

social media directors are the people who are responsible for

orchestrating the company strategy in online venues

the oldest scientific computing organization is the

Association for Computing Machinery

which position is part of the web development department

Web content creator

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