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Universalizing Religions

top 3 universalizing religions
Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
Diffusion methods
missionaries, trade, war, globalization, hierarchal diffusion
large funtamental division within a religion
Group of common congregation within a branch
small groups that break a way from a recognized denomination within each branch
Buddhism facts
Asia, FIRST universalizing religion, derived from hinduism, founded by prince siddaratha; originated in India
Eight fold path
Buddhist; a journey to overcome desires; rightness of livelihood, action, meditation, belief, resolve, effort, speech, and thought
Four noble truths
suffering, reincarnation, quelled desires, and finally nirvana
types of buddhism
Theravada, Mahayana, Lamaism, and Zen
composite faith
religion that fused with an ethnic religion
syncretic religion
binds two religions together
Buddhist architecture
Pagodas, shrines, Buddha's. Sacred place: Bodh Gata, India
Semitic religious hearth
Islam, judaism, and christianity all came out of this area
The oldest; holy land is Israel
spread of christianity
throughout the roman empire; hierarchal diffusion, mainly in cities and urban centers; missionaries; militaristic
largest religion?
christianity- 2 billion
major christian branches
roman catholic, protestant, orthodox
christian architecture
Church is the house of God; steeple extends towards the heavens
visual reminders of faith, such as iconography
Bible belt
south; baptistsand coservatives
Minnesota, wisconsin, and the Dakotas
Roman catholic
Louisiana; Northeast; and southwest
Church of the later day saints; founded by joseph smith, proclaimed my Brigham Young; book of mormon
Islam basic facts
monotheistic; founder is Muhammad; allah, karan
five pillars of islam
profess belief in Allah, pray five times a day, give alms to the poor or tithe, ramadan, pilgrimage to mecca
islam diffusion
militaristic; missionaries along trade routes; worlds fastest growing religion
islam architecture
mosque, mecca