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  1. revere
  2. diligent
  3. obscure
  4. squander
  5. complacent
  1. a to waste
  2. b hard-working
  3. c unclear; clouded; partially hidden; hard to understand
  4. d to worship; to honor (think of reverend)
  5. e smug; self-satisfied

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  1. to differentiate; to make a clear distinction; to see the difference
  2. sharp; intelligent
  3. theoretical; lacking substance (the opposite of concrete)
  4. on the surface; shallow
  5. frank; honest

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  1. objectiveunclear; clouded; partially hidden; hard to understand


  2. disdaincontempt; intense dislike


  3. scrutinizesharp; intelligent


  4. apathylack of emotion or interest


  5. augmentto add to; to increase; to make bigger


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