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  1. provincial
  2. discriminate
  3. subtle
  4. enigma
  5. anarchy
  1. a lack of government; chaos
  2. b narrow-minded; unsophisticated
  3. c mystery
  4. d to differentiate; to make a clear distinction; to see the difference
  5. e not obvious

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  1. not caring one way or the other; lacking a preference; neutral
  2. odd; unusual; quirky
  3. to add to; to increase; to make bigger
  4. unimportant
  5. hard-working

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  1. revereto worship; to honor (think of reverend)


  2. obscuresharp; intelligent


  3. conciliateto soothe; to end a dispute; to reconcile


  4. denounceto speak out against; to condemn


  5. disdaincontempt; intense dislike