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Photoshop ACA CS5 Domain 3 Vocabulary

Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5

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application frame
holds the workspace elements together and keeps them together when moved
blending mode
changes how pixels in the selected layer blend with pixels in same location in the layer below it
color gamut
the limitation of the range of colors that can be displayed
color space
the range of colors (color gamut) that a camera can capture, a scanner can scan, a printer can print, or a monitor can display
contact sheet
a collection of images printed together in a smaller scale, often used for proofing
context sensitive
options that change based on the tool that is selected in the Tools panel
destructive editing
modification made to an original image that you cannot remove or alter later
a collection of panel groups
layer mask
a mask that is dependent on the resolution of the bitmap images
Live Workspaces
a series of buttons on the Application bar that display the preset Photoshop workspaces or custom workspaces you have created
nondestructive editing
an editing method in which the original image is not altered or degraded
rendering intent
the way colors are converted from one system to another
smart filter
a filter applied to Smart Objects to create a nondestructive filter effect
soft proofing
technique used to simulate on-screen what your document will look like when printed
vector mask
a mask that is independent of the resolution and is created using the Pen tool or a shape tool