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Brachial plexus injury

Flail arm splint (holds arm close to body)

Radial nerve palsy

dynamic wrist, finger, & thumb extension splint

Radial nerve palsy

"saturday night palsy"; damage to radial nerve; may get wrist drop

Median nerve injury

Opponens splint (thumb spica), C-bar (hand in C position)

Ulnar nerve injury

dynamic/static splint to position MPs in flexion

Median & ulnar nerve injury

dynamic MCP flexion splint or figure of eight (loop around finger joints)

Spinal Cord (c6-c7)

tenodesis splint

carpal tunnel

wrist splint in 0-15 extension


thumb splint, includes wrist, IP joint free


median nerve repetitive stress injury; pain/tingling along thumb

skier's thumb

hand based thumb splint

CMC arthritis

hand based thumb splint

ular drift

ulnar drift splint

flexor tendon injury

Kleinert or Duran dorsal protection splint (dorsal block splint so fingers can't extend very far)

Swan neck

silver rings or buttonhole splint (to prevent hyperextension of PIP joint)


silver rings or dynamic PIP extension splint (to prevent flexion of PIP joint)


functional (C shaped) or safe splint, depending on stage


resting splint


spasticity splint (fingers abducted, thumb abducted) or cone splint

muscle weakness

balanced forearm orthosis (BFO), deltoid sling

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