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Color ________ changes the intensity of colors.


The ________ gallery has a wide variety of preset formatting combinations for coloring pictures.


________ changes picture color into black, white, and shades of gray.

brown, gold, and yellow

Sepia changes picture colors into ________.


________ effects convert colors in a picture to a wide variety of hues.


Color ________ indicates that one color is dominating a picture.

Bring Forward

Click ________ to move a stacked object toward the top of the stack.

Bring to Front

Click ________ to move a stacked object to the top of the stack.

(Picture Tools Format tab | Arrange group)

What is the path to the Send Backward button?

AutoFit Options

If lines of text exceed the size of the text placeholder, the ________ button displays on the left side of the slide.


To customize placeholders or add a placeholder to a slide layout, you can customize the ________ master.


A ________ paragraph places the first character of a text line near the left border of a placeholder.


A ________ paragraph places the last character of text near the right border of a paragraph.

(Home tab | Paragraph group)

The path to the text alignment button is ________.


English language readers are accustomed to seeing paragraphs that are ________.


You can delete multiple adjacent slides by clicking the Slides tab thumbnail for the first slide and pressing the ________ key as you click the last slide thumbnail.


To select multiple nonadjacent slides in the Slides tab, press the ________ key as you click each slide thumbnail.


________ view is similar to Slide Show view.


Words underlined with a red wavy line are possibly ________.


When you ________ a clip art picture, PowerPoint breaks it into its component objects.

(Drawing Tools Format tab | Shape Styles group)

What is the path to the Shape Fill button?


You can select the slide objects in order to delete them simultaneously by pressing the ________ key as you click each object.


You can group or regroup selected objects by pressing the ________ keys.

(Insert tab | Media group)

What is the path to the Insert Video button?

Trim Video

PowerPoint's ________ feature allows you to set the timing for a video clip.

Video Tools Playback

You can set play options for a video clip with buttons in the Video Options group on the ________ tab.

Keywords, file type, and file name

An audio file's properties include ________ as shown in the Preview/Properties dialog box.

Audio Control

The ________ buttons for an inserted audio clip include playing and pausing the sound, moving back or forward 0.25 seconds, audio progress, elapsed time, and muting or unmuting the sound.

Play across slides

The ________ command on the Start menu allows sound to play while other slides in the presentation are displayed.


PowerPoint classifies animated ________ files as a type of video or movie because the clips have movement or action.

Slide Show and Reading

Animated GIF files move only in ________ view.


You can display the Thesaurus in the Research pane by pressing the ________ keys.

Notes pane

You can type and format comments in the ________ in Normal view.


Microsoft Office programs use the ________ feature to correct typing mistakes and commonly misspelled words.

custom dictionary

You can add special words, such as proper names, cities, and acronyms to a ________.


You can spell-check an entire presentation by pressing the ________ key.


Each ________ determines where the slide number is displayed in the folder.


As you develop a lengthy presentation with many visuals, ________ may help you organize your material.


You can click the Print tab in ________ view to preview your slides and set print options.

Notes pane

Comments added to slides in the ________ give the speaker information that supplements the text on a slide.

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