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Great Plains cultural region

fairly flat region, few trees, and lots of grass

Lame Deer, Montana

Place where the Northern Cheyenne have their powwow every fourth of July


large, round huts built over a deep hole


dwelling built by Plains Indians, made of poles arranged in a circle covered by buffalo hides


sled made of poles tied together; used to transport goods across the plains


Native American ceremony that often includes traditional dancing and games

How did the travois help move goods?

by lashing the load to two poles and being pulled by dogs

In what ways did the arrival of the horse change the way of life for the tribes of the Great Plains?

horses made buffalo hunting much easier, they also made the Cheyenne much easier to move. Horses could carry more weight than dogs.

How did the Cheyenne make decisions to move to a new area?

They followed the buffalo during hunting season; weather was a factor in deciding to move north or south.

Where are Cheyenne reservations located today?


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