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A cook must use one-half of the seasonings when making spaghetti sauce:
in the microwave.
A recipe for sweet potato casserole serves 12 and calls for 1/3 cup of chopped pecans. How much pecans would be needed to make it serve 24?
2/3 cup
In the mashed potatoes convenience food label, what additional ingredient(s) are needed if preparing on the stove top?
1 and a half cups water and 1 and a half cups milk
Deborah is making cupcakes, and the recipe calls for 1 large egg. She only has medium eggs and would like to make a recipe with less cholesterol. What should she do?
Use 2 egg whites
To lower the fat content in the Butternut Squash Soup Recipe, substitute:
A half cup skim milk for the milk.
In the mashed potatoes convenience food label, what power level is used to cook the food?
In the mashed potatoes convenience food label, what is the serving size?
two third cup
Which cooking equipment should be used to prepare nutritious broccoli?
How does microwaving compare with baking?
Microwaving is faster than baking in a conventional oven.
Which is an example of dessert that uses dairy?
Vanilla pudding
Which measuring equipment should be used to measure 2/3 c. of peanut butter?
Dry measuring cup
How does using melted fat in place of solid fat affect the final product?
Air or moisture in the original ingredient will be lost, making the product heavier.
Casseroles, soups, and protein salads compare favorably with other meals because they are:
inexpensive, nutritious, and satisfying meals.
How should shortening be measured?
Pack into the measuring cup and then level
In order to cook with milk, cheese, and other dairy foods, use:
moderate to low heat.
Which cooking equipment would be best to cook vegetable beef soup?
Slow cooker
Buttermilk and kefir are examples of:
cultured milk products.
How do quick breads and yeast breads compare?
Quick breads use chemical leaveners and yeast breads use biological leaveners.
How is bacon broiled?
By cooking under direct heat
Sarah does not want to spend the whole day cleaning after breakfast. To help avoid this, she should:
clean as she cooks.
Which type of fat lowers blood cholesterol levels?
Polyunsaturated fat
What nutrient provides energy and assists the blood with distributing vitamins to the body?
Fats (lipids)
How does excessive consumption of iron impact the body?
It is stored in the liver.
A food which contains unsaturated fat is:
Where are excessive amounts of calcium stored in the body?
Excessive sweating, dryness of the mouth, weakness, and an increased pulse rate are results of not consuming enough:
Jason consumed excessive amounts of protein. How is this likely to impact the body?
Converts the extra protein to fat and stores it in the fat tissues
Joseph drank liquids while playing football, but he is going to need a mineral in his body so that his muscles will not cramp. What mineral is this?
What is an advantage of eating a serving of sweets at one time instead of eating small amounts at time intervals?
Reduce tooth decay
What is the difference between fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins?
Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the liver and water-soluble pass through the urine.
Which raw vegetable has the most water content?
Which fat product is most likely hydrogenated?
How does eating excessive amounts of fats impact the body?
Red velvet cake, pecan pie, cheesecake, lollipops, corn syrup, and jellies are high in:
simple carbohydrates.
What is a good source of vitamin D?
Being out in the sunshine
Collards, spinach, turnips, and fortified cereals are all good sources of which nutrient?
If a person is on a diet to lose weight and cut back on saturated fatty acids, he/she should eat:
less candy and cake with coconut and palm oil.
Andrew consumed excessive amounts of fat-soluble vitamins. What impact might this have on the body?
Aaron plays sports. What is the best meal for him to eat for high performance during the game?
Complex carbohydrates three hours before competition
Carbonated drinks and sports drinks are different because athletes:
rely on sports drinks to replace lost body fluids.
What food source is high in antioxidants?
Whole wheat flour is a source of:
complex carbohydrates.
Olivia's diet is high in animal sources of protein. If she replaces animal sources of protein in her diet with plant sources, she will get:
less saturated fat.
An important function of water in the body is to:
help with food digestion.
What is an example of an incomplete protein?
Peas and carrots
Cheese, dressings, and salad oils are primary sources of which nutrient?
What are examples of complete proteins?
Cheese and chicken
The primary concern and health risk related to an Asian eating plan is:
stomach cancer.
A common food allergen is:
What food has a positive impact on reducing high cholesterol?
An example of a healthy food choice for a teenager is:
eating whole grain carbohydrates and calcium-rich foods.
To cut calories, a person should select for dessert:
fresh fruit cup.
What is a primary benefit of a Hispanic eating plan?
Ingredients are healthy, full of fiber, and fresh.
A major factor contributing to obesity among teenagers is that teens:
tend to choose many foods that are high in sugars, starches, and fats.
A good strategy for meeting the food needs of toddlers is to:
introduce new food textures and flavors one at a time.
An example of nutritional needs for adults 50 years of age and older is to increase:
vitamin B complex, vitamin D, and calcium.
What can be done to prevent osteoporosis?
Walk and climb stairs
A person on a low-calorie diet should select:
coffee with sugar substitute.
A common food allergen is:
A symptom of bulimia nervosa may be:
stained teeth.
A cause of high blood pressure may be excessive:
salt in the diet.
An example of a healthy food choice for an adult is:
snacking on multi-grain crackers, fresh carrots, and celery.
How do healthy snacks compare to junk foods?
Healthy snacks are higher in fiber.
A nutritional need during breast feeding/lactation is to increase:
dairy products.
How does a breast-feeding woman's diet need to be modified?
By consuming extra carbohydrates and water
Which foods should be avoided for toddlers and infants?
Cow's milk for infants 0-6 months of age