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change in momentum (vector) (Unit: Kg m/s)


inertia in motion (vector)

Conservation of Momentum

In the absence of an outside force, the total momentum will be conserved.

Inelastic Collisions

Momntum is conserved but Kinetic Energy is not (usually lost) [majority - STICK]

Elastic Collisions

Momentum and Kinetic Energy are both conserved [minority - DONT STICK]

Rotational Inertia

An object's resistance to a change in rotation; the farther the mass is from the rotation point, the greater RI


"rotational equivalent of force"; a force applied so as to cause an angular acceleration

Translational Equilibrium

sum of all forces acting on an object is zero

Rotational Equilibrium

sum of all torques acting on an object is zero

Static Equilibrium

object at rest

Center of Mass

an object balances when it is supported at its center of mass

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