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Material that allows electricity to flow through it freely

A non-conductor/ insulator

Material that doesn't allow electricity to flow through it freely


measure of how difficult it is for electricity to flow through a material

Low resistance

good conductors have low resistance

High Resistance

good non-conductors or insulators have high resistance


-are good conductors of electricity


-is the best inexpensive type of a metal conductor


-is an expensive good conductor


-is a poor conductor

Non-Metal insulators

glass, wood, plastic, and rubber


-flows freely through a good conductor

Electricity does not-

-flow freely through a non-conductor or insulator

Series circuit

when all the parts of a circuit are connected

In a series circuit when one bulb is out-

-the other bulbs will go out

Parallel circuit

electrical circuit with more than one path

In a parallel circuit if one bulb goes out-

-the other bulbs will stay lit

Home circuits

are set up as parallel circuits

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