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Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person - Criticisms and Reforms

Introduction, 1
Act written in 1861 - Rosenberg said the Act was "out of date when it was passed"
Introduction, 2
Has been necessary for judges to manipulate it often in order to do justice in individual cases
Introduction, 3
Home Office Report 1998 indicated the Act was used over 80000 times a year, but despite this, reforms suggested by the Home Office over 10 years ago have yet to be implemented
Introduction, 4
Ashworth: Act is "unprincipled (and) expressed in unhelpful language"
Introduction, 5
Considering all of thses points, although there are also a number of positive aspects to the current law, it is not difficult to support the suggestion that the law on non-fatal offences is unsatisfactory and in need of reform