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Why did the Chinese in the north prefer wheat while the ones in the south preferred rice?

Rainfall and temperature

Loess is the reason for the name of the Huang or_______ River?


How could the Chinese have solved the Huang river flooding?

They could have stopped building the dikes that caused the flooding and let nature take its course.

The most heavily populated region of ancient China was_________.

The North China Plain

Explain why the Chang and the Xi Rivers were so important to the developement of China.

They allowed ships to travel inland over 1,000 miles on each river.

The_____ family became the rulers of China around 2200 BCE.


Explain the major climate differences in the northern and southern regions of China including temperatures and percipitation.

Norhtern China gets less rain and has cooler (lower) temperatures. Southern China get smore rain and higher temperatures.

How did the Chinese react to foreigners? why?

The Chinese considered foreigners barbarians and expected them to adopt Chinese language and customs. Their geographical isolation gave th Chinese a sense that they were the center of the world and a superior people.

Three great rivers cut through the heart of China, called_____.

China Proper

The calendar of the Shang Dynasty was created based on _________.

the sun and the movements of the moon

The Shang empire recieved a reputation of violence because of their __________.

going beyond their realm to capture foreigners to be used as human sacrifices for their gods

According to chinese legend, the man who drained water from the oceans to give land to the Xia was ________.


When the Shang conquered the people they did not_________.

make slaves of most of the people

The Shang invaded__________ where they introduced irrigation and flood control systems.

the Haung river valley

The Shang religion taught that Shangdi_________.

controlled human destiny

The rulers of the Neolithic people in China were the__________.


Shang priests used__________ to make predictions and answer questions.

oracle bones

The people of the Shang Dynasty were known for their clothing made of__________.


government organized into different levels and tasks


The Shang government can best be described as a ___________.


The Xia people are a fictional part of ancient China


All of the following statements about calligraphy is true except________.

it was written from right to left.

which of the following was not a contributing factor to the success of the early rulers of the Shang Dynasty?

they had a decentralized government

What led to the fall of the Shang Dynasty?

they were overthrown by those who thought they had lost the Mandate of Heaven

Which of the followingis the term that best decribes varitaions between languages?


According to Chinese legend, the man who slept for 18,000 years and then created the universe was_________.


Which of the following was not used during the Shang Dynasty to improve agriculture?

Steel plows

During the Han Dynasty civil service was determined by_________.


The creation of the Silk Road is associated with the_______ Dynasty.


One of the great achievments of the Qin Dynasty was__________.

Great Wall of China

The Han invention of ___________ has had a lastnig affect on civilizations around the world.


Chengs empire was considered a(n)________ which he ruled by force as a central leader,


Why did the Qin Dynasty last such a short time?

The hars rule of the Qin leaders and the growing divide between rulers and everyday people caused discontent that prompted a successful uprising.

The Qin Dynasty protecxted against invasion by__________.

building a great wall along the border

The Mandate of Heaven was given to ____________.

religious leaders

The Han Dynasty ruled their country by establishing_________.

a civil service

Free speech was not a part of life during the Qin Dynasty.


Which dynasty came closest to achieving dualism?

The Han Dynasty

Who was the man which rebelled against the Qin Dynasty and renamed himself King of Han?

Liu Bang

The _________ form the boundary between North and South China.

The Qinling Shandi Mountains

The Great Wall of China began under which Dynasty?

Qin Dynasty

The Shang invaded_______where they introduced irrigation and flood control systems.

The Huang River Valley

the heart of China

China Proper

yellow soil


The Chinese developed a sense of superority because of their__________.

isolation from other cultures.

The__river has been nicknamed as " Chinas Sorrow" because of its frequent and devastating floods.

The Huang River

The geography of China______

kept it isolated

belief that spirits inhabit everything


The Shang Dynasty was eventually overthrown by the_________.


Over time, ___________ have caused several alterations of the Huang Rivers course.


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