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The term baroque probably derives from the Portuguese word barocco meaning

an irregular pearl

During the baroque period Europe was

engaged in religious wars

The most spectacular representative of absolutism in the baroque age was

Louis XIV of France

Under France's King Louis XIII, actual power was wielded by

Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin

During Louis XIV's reign,

the government emphasized the power and glory of the king

Louis XIV's economic policy was called


Which state briefly became a republic (called the Commonwealth) in the mid-seventeenth century?


Over the cours of the seventeenth century, England

underwent a power struggle between the monarchy and Parliament

By 1715 the principle that government should rest on the consent of the governed was successfully established in


The Thirty Years' War was fought largely in


As a result of the Treaty of Utrecht, which nation gained control of Gibraltar and Minorca, and acquired portions of Canada?


The baroque artistic ideal can be characterized as


Which of the following technological advances in warfare made pikemen obsolete and marked the end of the medieval military equipment and infantry?

the bayonet

The florid baroque

was a product of the Counter-Reformation

The classical baroque

fit well with the absolutist policies of Louis XIV

The restrained baroque was

in keeping with Protestant culture

The supreme expression of florid baroque architecture is

St. Peter's Church, Rome

The Council of Trent led Church leaders to call for a new art that portrayed

saints enthralled by ecstatic visions

Which of the following is the ornate canopy placed inside St. Peter's Basilica to cover the spot where the bones of St. Peter are believed to lie?


Gentileschi's painting style was

flamboyant and dramatic

Which of the following artists, as a master of printmaking, was able to support himself because he was able to reap higher prices for his prints that for his paintings?

Rembrandt van Rijn

In The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, Bernini was able to

capture a moment when the saint sense the Holy Spirit

Pozzo's Allegory of the Missionary Work of the Jesuits illustrates the baroque love of

infinite space

A baroque theme in Velazquez's painting Las Meninas, or The Maids of Honor, is

the interplay of space and illusion

Rubens's paintings are known for their

ripe sensuality

Who of the following created an oratorio based on biblical texts and sung in English?

George Frideric Handel

What was the distinguishing quality of the classical baroque?

influence of the royal court

Which of the following selected his models directly from the street, banished landscape from his canvases, and depended on chiaroscuro in many of his works?


The Education of Marie de' Medici can be characterized as a

work that combines Roman mythology with the queen's life

Which of the following artists was Flemish, studied under Rubens, and eventually became court painter to England's Charles I

Anthony van Dyck

The Netherlands in the seventeenth century

was dominated by the sober values of the Calvinist religion

Rembrandt's painting style was typified by all of these

use of dramatic chiaroscuro, forceful expressiveness, and ability to depict the full range of human moods and emotions

The Dutch painter Vermeer specialized in

domestic genre scenes

Painting in the seventeenth-century England

was controlled by the courtly but restrained taste of aristocracy

Anthony van Dyck's painting style was characterized by

elegant likenesses and psychological insight

The inspiration for the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, was the dome of

St. Peter's, Rome

Baroque writers made major contributions in all of these genres

tragedy, comedy, and epic

The zenith of Baroque drama was reached

at the court of King Louis XIV in Versailles

Which is NOT correct about seventeenth-century French drama?

it dealt with the lives of ordinary people

Who of the following created a collection of musical pieces that contributed to the standardization of the pitches of the notes of the musical scale and of the turning of keyboard instruments?

Johann Sebastian Bach

Moliere's plays were

satiric comedies that exposed the follies of French society

The baroque literary work Paradise Lost is a

Christianized epic

Two late baroque composers who flourished after 1715 were

Bach and Handel

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