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Bony Landmarks of the Shoulder

top section of the sternum
jugular notch/sternal notch
dip in the manubrium
sternal angle
angle of the between the manubrium & the body of the sternum
body of the sternum
main long section of the sternum
xiphoid process
bottom tip of the sternum
long, skinny bone, connects sternum to the scapula
superior angle
top, medial edge of the scapula
inferior angle
bottom tip of the scapula
tip of the shoulder, most visible on a posterior view
coracoid process
anterior to the acromion, looks like a bird's head
medial/vertebral border
medial edge of the scapula
lateral/axillary border
lateral edge of the scapula
ridge along posterior side of the scapula
supraspinous fossa
concave area above the spine of the scapula
infraspinous fossa
concave area below the spine of the scapula
subscapular fossa
anterior face of the scapula
glenoid fossa/cavity
shoulder joint
supraglenoid tubercle
notch above the glenoid fossa
infraglenoid tubercle
notch below the glenoid fossa
greater tubercle
superior tubercle near head of the humerus
lesser tubercle
inferior tubercle near head of the humerus
top of the humerus, fits in the glenoid fossa
anatomical neck
section around the head of the humerus
surgical neck
skinny part of the humerus, below the head
bicipital groove/intertubercular groove
groove between the greater & lesser tubercles
deltoid tuberosity
V-shaped bump on the lateral humerus
radial groove
groove located on the posterior surface of the humerus