Filibusters in Texas

Interest in Texas Grows Among Anglo American

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Philip Nolan
1st major filibuster in Texas and was killed because he refused to stop visiting illegally.
James Long
Last major filibuster who came to help free Tejas of Spanish rule.
Jane Long
First Anglo American woman to settle in Texas and is known as the "Mother of Texas"
Anglo American
People whose ancestors moved from one of many European countries to the U.S. and who now share a common culture and language (often called Whites).
George Morgan
1st empresario to recruit settlers from the U.S. and started a new settlement named, New Madrid.
an agent who makes all arrangements to bring settlers to a colony (similar to a modern day real estate agent).
to persuade someone to join a group.
an adventurer who engages in a private rebellious activity in a foreign- ex. Philip Nolan & James Long
someone who moves to a new country to settle.
someone of Mexican descent living in Texas.
mutual agreement in which each side gives up something it wants in order to r
not taking sides
a country or state where people elect representatives to govern them.
to give up or surrender by treaty or agreement.
Neutral Ground Agreement
Spain and the U.S were fighting over the border. So they compromised by making the disputed area Neutral Ground. Nobody owned it. This ended the argument.
Adam-Onis Treaty
Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. It set the Sabine River as the eastern boundary of Texas and the Red River as the northern border.
Lousiana Purchase
In 1803, the U.S. purchased Louisiana from France for $15 million. This action doubled the size of the U.S. and move its border westward across the Mississippi River.
Spanish Colonial
Filibusters were a part of this Texas history era.