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Traditionalistic political cultrures, according to Daniel Elazar, are typically found in the


Which of the following is the best description of Texas political culture

Texas has mulitple political cultures within its borders

Which of the following does not reflect one of the historic characteristics that make up Texas Political culture?

The strong role of labor unions

Which of the following has traditionally dominated the political culture of Texas?

business interests

Houston is found in the Texas

Gulf Coastal Plains

Which city is located in the Great plains of Texas?


The term creative destruction refers to the process by which

the capitalist system undergoes periodic waves of transformation caused by new technologies

Which of the following technological breakthroughs did not help stimulate the cotton industry?

refrigerated storage units

Which of the following did not contribute to the spread of cattle ranching in the 19th century?

the anti grazing position of farm unions

When in Texas History did cattle become big business?

After the Civil War

By 2008, approx. what % of Texans lived on farms or ranches?


Which event occurred at Spindletop, Tx?

Oil was discovered

_____ was the chief economic product of Texas during the early 20th century


The regulation of oil and energy in TX is performed by

The texas railroad commission

Currently, Texas's greatest export is

computers and electronics

What year was the NAFTA agreement signed?


Appeox. what % of the current population of Texas is Hispanic?


Which of the following contributed most to the increase in the population of Texas during 2006?

natural increases of births, in proportion to deaths

Which city in Texas currently has the largest population?


The supremacy clasue of the US Constitution states that

laws passed by the national are supreme over all state laws

Which of the following is not a similarity between the US const. and the Texas Const?

Both const. have a clause providing the legislature with the authority to make all laws necessary and proper to carrying out its expressed powers.

What is the most important difference between the US const. and the state constitutions?

states are subordinate to the federal government

Which of the following is the best definition of a confederation

a system of government in which states maintain their sovereignty

THe majority of delegates of the Convention of 1836 that drafted the constitution for a newly independent Republic of Texas were from

Slave-owning southern states

Under the 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution

Congress was bicameral

Texas became an independent republic in ___ and became part of the US in ____


Which of the following was not part of the annexation agreement between Texas and the US

Texas could not maintain its own army and navy for 25 years

The Texas constitutional convention of 1861 was dominated by

lawyers and slaveholders

Which of the following statements about the Texas Constitutional Convention of 1865 was not true?

Texas had to return to the federal government parts of Oklahoma seized by Texas Confederate soldiers

The Texas Constitution of 1869 was created

by members of the Texas Republican Party

which of the following was not a goal for those writing the Texas Const.?

giving independence to the judiciary by making all judges appointed; instead of elected

Which principle of government is the key to understanding the drafting of the Texas Const. of 1876

the necessity of strong limitations on the authority of state officals

What is the major difference between the bill of rights in the Texas constitution and the US bill of rights

the texas constitution grants to Texans rights that are not found in the US Constitution

WHich of the following describes a significant diff between the structure of the Texas executive department and the structure of the US exec branch?

in Texas,the exec department is made up of several elected offices, instead of just one

Which of the following statements best describes the structure of the Texas legislature

since independence from Mexico, Texas has had a bicameral legislature

Under the Texas constitution, who has the power of impeachment

The HOuse of Rep has the power to impeach while the senate has the power to try and convict

Philosophically the Texas constitution reflects a

distrust of politicians and political power

What is the function of the "local and consent" calendar

It is reserved for uncontroversial bills that are not expected to have major opposition

What is the yearly salary of a Texas Rep?

less than $7500

The agenda for special sessions in the Texas legislature are set by the


What is the main difference between a bill and a resolution?

unlike a bill, a resolution, if passed, lacks the force of a public law

A bill in the Texas legislature that would allow a county to establish a new community college would be classified as a

local bill

if the legislature grants a particular corporation an exception from a state law, it is called

a special bill

Which of the following is not a non legislative power of the Texas legislature

the power to overturn state supreme court decisions with a 2/3 majority

Which of the following statements about the Texas legislature is incorrect?

only the senate has the constitutional authority to launch investigations into problems concerning the state

In texas, who can write a bill?

anyone at all

IN texas, why is a governors post-adjournment veto so powerful

it cannot be overturned by the legislature

Which of the following is not a legislative power of the Texas governor?

removing, for suitable cause, the speaker or lieutenant governor?

Why is the comptroller of public accounts so important to the legislature?

the comptroller informs the legislature how much money it has to spend on the budgets

IN the texas house of rep, who has the power to allow members to speak in floor debates?

speaker of the house

Which of the following is neither a duty nor a power of the lieutenant governor in Texas?

the ability to call the Texas Senate into special session

Legislative districts in the Texas House and Senate are

single member districts

Which of the following is not a qualification a person would need to be a viable candidate for governor of Texas?

Born in texas

What is the ultimate check on the governor?


What is the most important funcion on the Texas governors staff?

to keep the governor informed about problems and issues

Which of the following is the best example of the Texas governors exercise of senatorial courtesy?

the governor will not appoint someone to office unless that appointee's state senator agrees

Which of the following is the best example of the Texas governor's military powers?

the governor can declare martial law during a natural disaster

The Texas governor has all of the following legislative powers except the power to

break tie votes in the senate

What is the Texas governors greatest judicial power?

the power to appoint judges to vacancies on the courts

When the texas governors strikes out particular spending provisions in an appropriations bill, it is called

a line item veto

What makes the greatest difference between strong and weak governors of Texas

the differences in personality

Why did the Texas constitution establish a plural executive?

there was suspicion of a strong chief executive

IN Texas, which officer in the plural executive is not elected by voters

the secretary of state

Which of the following about the lieutenant governor in Texas is incorrect

the lieutenant governor is a full member of the Texas Senate

In Texas what is the most important power of the state comptroller

estimating tax revenues for the legislature

Which office is charged with ensuring the accuracy of official weights and measures

the Department of Agriculture

Authority over railroads throughout Texas was given to the ____ in 2005

Texas department of Transportation

The Texas state board of Education is responsible for all of the following except

funding public school districts

What is the purpose of the Sunset Advisory Commission in Texas

it reviews state agencies every 12 years to see if they are still needed

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