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IB Geography Case Studies

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- The Barclays Premier League was established in 1992. It replaced League One which was formed in 1888.
- The Premier League has 20 teams, with three teams being relegated and promoted each year. This makes it different to many leagues (NHL, NBA, Super 15's) which operate franchise systems with no relegation or promotion.
- The league season consists of each team playing each other home and away (38 matches in total). There are no play-offs, the team to finish at the top of the league are crowned champions. The top four team qualify for the lucrative European competition, the Champions League.
- The Premier League is the most watched league in the world, watched by half a billion in 202 countries. It is also the world's richest league generating about $3 billion in income during the 2009/10 season.
- Since 2004 the Premier League has been sponsored by Barclays, so that it why it is often referred to as the Barclays Premier League. The television revenue for the Barclays Premier League is huge, rights for 2010-2013 were sold for $2.7 billion. Extra revenue came for selling overseas rights, highlight rights and internet rights.
- Looking at the list of Premier League clubs above, a city needs a population of about 250,000 to support a Premier League football club. Wigan, Norwich and Swansea all noticeable exceptions. There are also some big cities in England that don't have Premier League football teams; Derby, Nottingham are a couple, but even more noticeable are Sheffield (535,000), Leeds (770,000) and Bristol (420,000).