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is the process by which rocks on or near Earth's surface break down and change.

Chemical Weathering

changes the chemical composition of rocks.


Weather rate varies

Acid Precipitation

Has a pH value below 5.6

Frost Wedging

The repeated thawing and freezing of water in the cracks of rocks.


It occurs in the decomposition


Measures the pH scale


It is the process by which the other layer of the rock is stripped away.

Buildings and monuments that are made of limestone are greatly damaged by

Acid precipitation

Which of the following factors does not exert pressure on rocks that leads to physcial weathering?

Carbonic Acid

Mechanical Weathering

It is a process by which rocks and minerals break down into smaller pieces and it is also called physical weathering

Temperature and Pressure

Are some of the major factors that plays a significant role in weathering


It determines the effects of chemical weathering

Carbon Dioxide

It is an atmospheric gas that contributes to chemical weathering process

Carbonic Acid

It is when combines with with water and a week acid

Acid Prepcipation

It is another chemical weathering and caused by emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen

What climate conditions promote chemical weathering?

Warm Temperature, lots of rainfall, and wild life

What rock type is most easily weathered?

The more surface the more weathering there is.


It is the final stage of the erosional process, which materials are dropped in another location


The force that tends to pull all the materials downhil


The greater the potential for following water to erode earth materials

Coastal areas undergo erosion by

Ocean waves and wind


erode by scrapping, gouging, and picking up large rocks and debris pile


is a major erosional agent in areas with limited precipitation and high temperatures


it is loose covering of weathered rock particles and decaying organic matter overlying the bedrock of Earth's surface

Soil that is located above its parent material is called


Soil that has been moved away from its parent bedrock is called


Soil Profile

It is when heavy machinery digs out soil in the process of building a road, a vertical sequence layers of soil


It is a distinct layer or zone located within a soil profile

In which of the following climates would physical weathering most likely readily occur?

dry and cold

Explain rill erosion and how it differs from gully erosion

Soil cannot process too much water, the rill is a small river in soil which expands into a bigger rilled called a gully.

Describe the formation of barrier islands

Sand Bars on steriods.

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