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  1. Inferior extent of lung at mid-clavicular line
  2. Major vessel that drains the musculature of the heart
  3. Rib associated with sternal angle
  4. Structure that lies immediately posterior to manubrium
  5. Heart chamber with greatest sternocostal projection
  1. a Thymus
  2. b 6th rib
  3. c Second rib
  4. d Right ventricle
  5. e Coronary sinus

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  1. Superior to 12th rib, posteriorly
  2. Bronchodilation, Vasoconstriction
  3. Left bronchus, aorta and Diaphragm
  4. T10-11
  5. 4th

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  1. Disease often associated with thymomaMyasthenia gravis


  2. Site for auscultation of tricuspid valveXiphisternal joint


  3. Level where ascending aorta is continuous with arch of aortaMyasthenia gravis


  4. Vertebral level at inferior angle of scapulaTV7


  5. Location of ductus arteriosusCristae terminalis


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