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  1. Thoracic structures that can compress the esophagus
  2. Rib related to oblique fissure of lung posteriorly
  3. Level where ascending aorta is continuous with arch of aorta
  4. Innervation of costal pleura
  5. Vertebral level associated with sternal angle
  1. a Left bronchus, aorta and Diaphragm
  2. b Intercostal nerve
  3. c 2nd
  4. d TV4-5
  5. e Disc between TV4-5

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  1. 8th rib
  2. Wider diameter, shorter and more vertical
  3. conus arteriosum or infundibulum
  4. Left recurrent laryngeal Nerve
  5. Bronchoconstriction, Vasodilation

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  1. Site for auscultation of tricuspid valveLeft 5th interspace, mid-clavicular line


  2. Disease often associated with thymomaMyasthenia gravis


  3. Location of ductus arteriosusCristae terminalis


  4. Artery that determines coronary dominanceLeft ventricle


  5. Structure that lies immediately posterior to manubriumAzygos veins, aorta