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  1. Inferior extent of pleura posteriorly
  2. Inferior extent of lung posteriorly
  3. Spinal levels of least splanchnic nerve
  4. Site for auscultation of pulmonary valve
  5. Most common cause of systolic ejection murmur
  1. a Left 2nd interspace
  2. b 12th rib
  3. c T12
  4. d 10th rib
  5. e Aortic stenosis

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  1. T5-9
  2. TV4-5
  3. Intercostal nerve
  4. Bronchodilation, Vasoconstriction
  5. Left bronchus, aorta and Diaphragm

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  1. Dermatome around nippleCristae terminalis


  2. Heart chamber that contains moderator bandRight ventricle


  3. Spinal levels of lesser splanchnic nerveT12


  4. Heart chamber with greatest sternocostal projectionLeft atrium


  5. Rib related to oblique fissure of lung posteriorly2nd