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  1. Termination of azygos vein
  2. Inferior extent of pleura posteriorly
  3. Innervation of fibrous pericardium
  4. Heart chamber that contains moderator band
  1. a Phrenic nerve
  2. b Superior vena cava
  3. c 12th rib
  4. d Right ventricle

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  1. Subclavian and internal Jugular
  2. Bronchodilation, Vasoconstriction
  3. Left bronchus, aorta and Diaphragm
  4. 6th rib
  5. Disc between TV4-5

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  1. Rib paralleled by horizontal fissure of right lung2nd


  2. Major vessel that drains the musculature of the heartLeft atrium


  3. Site for auscultation of tricuspid valveLeft 5th interspace, mid-clavicular line


  4. Location of ductus arteriosusBetween left pulmonary artery and aorta


  5. Inferior extent of pleura at mid-axillary line8th rib