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  1. Artery that determines coronary dominance
  2. Innervation of fibrous pericardium
  3. Innervation of costal pleura
  4. Effect of sympathetic nerves on lungs
  5. Termination of azygos vein
  1. a Phrenic nerve
  2. b Posterior interventricular Usual origin of SA and AV nodal arteries Right coronary artery
  3. c Superior vena cava
  4. d Intercostal nerve
  5. e Bronchodilation, Vasoconstriction

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  1. Wider diameter, shorter and more vertical
  2. Disc between TV4-5
  3. Right ventricle
  4. Phrenic nerve
  5. 4th

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  1. Spinal levels of least splanchnic nerveT10-11


  2. Location of SA nodeCristae terminalis


  3. Heart chamber that contains moderator bandRight ventricle


  4. Disease often associated with thymomaMyasthenia gravis


  5. Thoracic structures that can compress the esophagusLeft bronchus, aorta and Diaphragm