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  1. Needle location for therapeutic pleural tapping
  2. Inferior extent of pleura at mid-axillary line
  3. Ridge located between sinus venarum and right ventricle
  4. Spinal levels of least splanchnic nerve
  5. Rationale for aspirated small objects to go to right primary bronchus
  1. a T12
  2. b Wider diameter, shorter and more vertical
  3. c Superior to 12th rib, posteriorly
  4. d Cristae terminalis at the root of the SVC
  5. e 10th rib

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  1. Phrenic nerve
  2. 8th rib
  3. Intercostal nerve
  4. 4th
  5. Xiphisternal joint

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  1. Level where arch of aorta is continuous with descending aortaDisc between TV4-5


  2. Major vessel that drains the musculature of the heartCoronary sinus


  3. Vertebral level associated with sternal angleDisc between TV4-5


  4. Site for auscultation of pulmonary valveLeft 2nd interspace


  5. Disease often associated with thymomaMyasthenia gravis