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What are some characteristics of a modern-day hero
Kind, courageous, athletics, strong and, brave
What are some characteristics of a biblical hero?
Brave, religious, wise, leaders
Overall, what is a hero?
A person that leads or protect others
What is a covenant hero?
A covenant hero is Moses and Abraham someone who follows God's covenant
What are the qualities of a servant leader?
Someone who is humble, recognizes need for God
Is there any relationship between the covenant hero and the servant hero
They both make mistakes
The role of the judge in the Bible is the same as the role of the judge in court systems today.
What was the main task of the biblical judges
To deliver the Israelite's and to challenge them to remain faithful to the Covenant. They also settled disputes between tribes. They also led Israel to fight three enemies.
The books of Joshua and Judges recount the battles and conquests of the Israelite's in occupying the land of
The Book of Judges contains a pattern called the Judges Cycles, as follows. Fill in the missing steps in the cycle.
A. The Israelite's worshiped other gods.
B.. God becomes angry and gives the Israelite's over the power of there enemies.
C. The Israelite's cry out to God.
D. God raises a Judge to deliver the Israelite's from there enemies.
E.The judge frees the Israelite's from their enemies.
F. The land has peace while the Judge lives
G. The judge dies and the cycle begins again.
Moses led the Israelite's into the Promised Land
False it was Joshua
Name two reasons the Israelite's found the Canaanites to be hostile.
They had polytheistic belief and refused to hand over the land.
What happens at Jericho
Joshua and the Israelite's conquer the land of Canaan. They march around for 6 days and on 7 day they yelled clapped and cheered walls came down and they were able to go in.
Describe the roles Joshua plays for the Israelite's
He is the leader of their army and models a good covenant of God.
Look up the god and goddess of Israel's neighbors in St.Mary's Press Essential Bible dictionary to understand them better.
1. Baal
2. Asherah
If a person wanted to know more about Samuel, Saul, and David, which books of the Bible would he or she look in?
Books are 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel that you can learn about Samuel, Saul, and David
If a person wanted to know more about King Solomon and later kings, which books of the Bible would she or he look in?
You have to read 1 Kings, 2 Kings, and Chronicles
Why did the Israelite's demand a centralized form of leadership under a king, otherwise known as a
Samuel fails into two categories of biblical leadership.What are they?
They are he was the last Judge and he was their first Prophet
What are some of the causes of King Saul's downfall?
1. Make surface before Samuel got there
2. Didn't kill everyone and everything
3. Got a witch to bring Samuel back to life trying to talk to God
What are some ways King David modeled servant and some ways he did not?
He had a just heart and serving hand, and compassionte
Why did Jews in Jesus time find it hard to believe that Jesus was the Messiah who would come from David's descendants?
He didn't not defeat everyone.
What was a major building project undertaken by Solomon?
The Temple in Jerusalem
Ark of the Covenant
A scared chest that housed the tablets of the Ten Commandments. It was placed within the sanctuary where God would come and dwell.
Baal.... Asherah
Two Canaanite gods of earth and fertility that the Israelite's worshiped when they fell away from the one true God.
The land God promised to Abraham and his decendants
First and Second Kings
These books present the history of the monarchy until the destruction of the northern kingdom in 701 BC and of the southern kingdom and Jerusalem in 587 BC
A type of family tree. More than a bloodline, a genealogy was a literary form used during biblical times as a proclamation to make connections with important ancestors.
The eleven men and one man who served the Hebrew people as tribal leaders, military commanders, arbiters of disputes, and enliveners
The ruler of Israel was to follow the vision of justice and monotheism called for by the Israelite's primal Covenant relationship with God. The true king of Israel was forever to be the Lord God, King of Kings (Samuel 2:1-2)