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7th Grade LA - The Westing Game Ch 26-30


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Who is the young lawyer in Judge Ford's court?
13 year old Turtle has assumed the role of lawyer
Why is everyone surprised when Otis Amber testifies?
Otis removes a gun from under his jacket and then states that he is a licensed private investigator
Who hired Otis Amber?
Barney Northrup hired him to investigate six people while Judge Ford hired him to investigate all of the heirs with the exception of Sandy and herself
What is a coronary thrombosis?
a heart attack
What did Sandy's flask contain?
Turtle claimed it contained a life-saving medicine for Sandy
Judge Ford believed that Sam Westing had assumed 2 disguises. What were they?
Sandy McSouthers & Barney Northrup
What announcement does Edgar Jennings Plum make?
he announces that his is resigning from the dealings with the Westing estate
What is to happen to Sunset Towers according to Westing's last document?
the deed for Sunset Towers was to shared equally among all the heirs
What is the significance of Turtle's statement, "Hurry up, Uncle Sam, I can't keep up this act much longer?"
Turtle has some information that the other heirs do not
Which heir wins and explain how they finally solve the puzzle...?
Turtle; she realizes Sam Westing is also Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, and Julian Eastman. In addition, she last names of the four all include the points of a compass - west, north, south & east
Whose wedding is Turtle going to be late for if she doesn't hurry and make her move?
the wedding of Otis Amber and Crow
What did the members of the Good Salvation Soup Kitchen do for the special occasion?
they sobered up and didn't drink alcohol
How did Judge Ford intend to repay her debt to Sam Westing?
She intended to use the money from the sale of her share in Sunset Towers to pay for the education of a needy student
What has changed in Angela's life?
She broke off her engagement and enrolled in medical school; she needed to do both to boost her confidence
Why was Mr. Hoo almost happy?
Business was booming for his new product "Little Foot-Eze"
What happened to Denton Deere?
He became a neurologist, grew a mustache and never married
What happened to Chris Theodorakis?
He enrolled in college, had a girlfriend, and was using a new medicine which was helping him
Who was the chess game master that TR Wexler finally defeated?
Sam Westing
Who is dying at the beginning of the final chapter of the book?
Julian Eastman
What happened to Judge Ford?
She was appointed to the United States Supreme Court
Why did Turtle lie about Otis Amber?
She knew he was dying and didn't want him to suffer
What does Eastman know about Angela that surprises Turtle?
He knew she was the real bomber
What is the irony of Jake Wexler?
He is the State Crime Commissioner, but he once was a bookie