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psycho distress
repressed feelings
psycho change
restructure personality
psycho counselor
passive, reflection
psycho client
free association
psycho pros
recognition of childhood events
psycho cons
no recognition of power
adlerian distress
not fulfilling universal life tasks
adlerian change
self improvement, lifestyle changes
adlerian counselor
investigate, collaborate
adlerian pros
social interest
adlerian cons
client must be willing to explore past
person distress
ideal self vs. real self
person change
Roger's 3 core beliefs
person counselor
person client
capacity for awareness & self-directed change
person pros
self-awareness, empathy
person cons
responsibility on client, lack of structure
behavior distress
conditioned bad behaviors
behavior change
functional assessment (ABC)
behavior counselor
behavior client
knowledge about self/goals
behavior pros
task-oriented, objective
behavior cons
little focus on emotional aspects
cbt distress
irrational thoughts
cbt change
detecting, discriminating, debating
cbt counselor
cbt pros
concrete & clear
cbt cons
thoughts first, emotions second
act distress
psychological inflexibility
act change
cognitive defusion
act counselor
teach, psychologically flexible
act client
active participant, open to ideas of flexibility
act pros
widely applicable
act cons
necessity of client flexibility
dbt distress
self destruction = coping technique for unbearable emotions
dbt change
use emotional & reasonable minds, radical acceptance
dbt counselor
dbt pros
high success rate
dbt cons
client needs to be motivated
multi distress
multi change
multi counselor
address differences, not expert
multi client
empowered through own cultural background
multi pros
addresses cultural identity issues
multi cons
lots of research on cultures required
fem distress
oppression, internalized messages
fem change
empowerment, consciousness raising
fem counselor
fem client
active participation
fem pros
fem cons
counselor has agenda on client
family distress
dysfunction in system
family change
detriangulation, neutral communication
family counselor
neutral, collaborate
family client
collaborate, evaluate family
family pros
connection to larger cultures
family cons
need to enter family's world
narrative distress
narrative change
separate person from problem
narrative counselor
participant-observer, process facilitator
narrative client
active participant, expert
narrative pros
narrative cons
no road map
sfbt distress
general life circumstances
sfbt change
sfbt steps
sfbt counselor
identify problem, encourage client to experiment
sfbt client
take action, try new things
sfbt pros
positive orientation
sfbt cons
client may feel feelings invalidated
feminist person
laura brown
psycho person
carl jung
sfbt person
insoo kim berg
act person
steven hayes
adlerian person
alfred adler
dbt person
marsha linehan
multi person
pamela hays
narrative person
michael white
person (rogerian) person
carl rogers
rebt person
albert ellis
person (hierarchy) person
abraham maslow
cognitive person
aaron beck
time limited psycho person
hannah levenson
family person
virginia satir