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Secondary Data Sources

Bob smith is a 56-year-old white male. This is an example of what type of data?


Give few examples of how an internal user utilizes secondary data.

Identify patterns and trends that are helpful in patient care, long range planning, budgeting, and benchmarking with other facilities.

Secondary data is used for multiple reasons including:

assisting researchers in determining effectiveness of treatment.

A registry or database is a secondary data source. (T or F)


A patient health record contain aggregate data.


Secondary data provide information that is not easily collected from individual health record.


Administrative and management staff member are internal users of secondary data.


Medical staff member are external users of secondary data.


An important source of patient health record number:

Master Patient Index

After the types of cases to be included in a registry have been determined, what is the next step in data acquisition?

Case finding

What number is assigned to a case when it is first entered in a cancer registry?

Accession number

What are the patient data such as name, age, address, and so on called?

Demographic data

what type of registry maintains a database on patients injured by an external physical force?

Trauma registry

In addition to collecting patient data, what activities do many types of registries engage in?

Reporting and Follow-up

Why is the MEDPAR File limited in terms of being used for research purposes?

It only contains Medicare patients.

Which of the following acts mandated establishment of the National Practitioner Data Bank?

Health Care Quality Improvement act of 1986

I started work today on a clinical trial. I need to familiarize myself with the rules and procedures to be followed. this information is called:


An advantage od HCUP is that it:

Conatins data on all payer types.

Using uniform terminology is a way to improve:

Data reliability

Which of the following is a true statement about data stewardship?

HIM professionals have worked with many data stewardship issues for years.

A threat to data security is:


What is used to check the quality of data entered into an information system?


Data security refers to:

Controlling access

Now that registries and databases are almost universally computerized, data collection is no longer done manually.


One advantage to a vendor system is that purchasers can find out about the system's performance from other users.


With regard to data quality, validity refers to the consistency of the data.


The record of transactions in a computer system is called the audit security.


Among the HIM professional's traditional roles is that of maintaining the confidentiality of health data.


Which of the following indexes and databases includes patient-identifiable information?
b. Clinical trials database
c. Master patient/population index

Master patient/population index

Which of the following is an external user of data?
a. Public health department
b. Medical staff
c. Hospital administrator
d. Director of the clinical laboratory

Public health department

Review of disease indexes, pathology reports, and radiation therapy reports is part of which function in the cancer registry?


What is the information identifying the patient (such as name, health record number, address, and telephone number) called?

Demographic data

Cancer registries receive approval as part of the facility cancer program from the which of the following agencies?
a. American Cancer Society
b. National Cancer Registrar's Association
c. National Cancer Institute
d. American College of Surgeons

American College of Surgeons

Which national database includes data on all discharged patients regardless of payer?

Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project

Two clerks are abstracting data for a registry. When their work is checked, discrepancies are found. Which data quality component is lacking?


What does an audit trail check for?

Unauthorized access to a system

Which law requires the reporting of deaths and severe complications due to devices?

Safe Medical Device Act of 1990.

Which of the following is a database from the National Health Care Survey that uses the patient health record as a data source?
a. National Health Provider Inventory
b. National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
c. National Employer Health Insurance Survey
d. National Infectious Disease Inventory

National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.

Which of the following contains a list maintained in diagnosis code number order of patients discharged from a facility during a particular time period?
a. Physician index
b. Master patient index
c. Disease index
d. Operation index

Disease index.

Which of the following contains a list maintained in procedure code number order of patients discharged from a facility during a particular time period?
a. Physician index
b. Master patient index
c. Disease index
d. Operation index

Operation index.

Which of the following is a collection of secondary data related to patients with a specific diagnosis, condition, or procedures?
a. Disease index
b. Disease registry
c. Master patient index
d. Trauma registry

Disease registry.

Case finding is a method used to ___.

Identify patients who have been seen or treated in a facility for a particular disease or condition for inclusion in a registry.

In a cancer registry, the accession number ___.

Is the number assigned to each case as it is entered into a cancer registry.

A population-based registry ___.

Includes information from more than one facility in a particular geopolitical area, such as a state or region.

Which of the following is made up of claims data from Medicare claims submitted by acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities?


The Medicare Provider Analysis and Review file is made up of ___.

Medicare claims from acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

Vital statistics include data on ___.

Births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and divorces.

Which database must a healthcare facility query as part of the credentialing process when a physician initially applies for medical staff privileges?


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