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Diet and Nutrition Exam 6

Chapters: 11,16,17,20,21,22,23,24,25
The preferred route of feeding for clients who have cancer is:
An example of an appropriate snack for a patient with xerostomia is:
yogurt smoothie
Compounds found in plants that help inhibit the process of carcinogensis include:
Peptic ulcer disease may be caused by:
Helicobacter pylori infection
During pregnancy, women usually need to increase their energy intake by about:
The healthcare professional responsible for making valid nutrition diagnosis and recommending a plan of nutrition care is the:
Weight loss in clients with AIDS is characterized by the loss of:
muscle protein
The basic goal of nutrition counseling for clients who are HIV positive is:
promoting optimal nutritional status and quality of life
The main source of dietary sodium is:
processed foods
Nutritional needs during pregnancy are influenced by the mother's age, parity, and:
general health
The presence of gallstones in the gallbladder is called:
The most common cause of anemia during pregnancy is:
iron deficiency
Craving and intake of unusual nonfood substances is known as:
An important characteristic of the nutrition care plan for clients who have AIDS is:
use of an individualized plan and adjusting it as needed
The initial diet prescription for clients who have acute pancreatitis is:
If someone with type 1 diabetes starts drinking alcoholic beverages an hour before a meal, they are likely to experience:
The system that is responsible for the orderly operation of cell structures and functions is the:
The presence of protein in the urine is called:
The approach that is most likely to be helpful in diet planning with a client who has cancer is:
using personal food preferences and select nutrient-dense foods
Clients who develop a sore mouth will tolerate foods best that are:
cool and cold
A special therapeutic diet may be modified in:
The diagnosis of prehypertension, or stage 2 hypertension is based on:
systolic and/or diastolic blood pressure
Patients who have experienced stroke may need to eat softened foods and thickened liquids if they have:
Patients with CKD who have excessive sodium intakes may experience:
edema and hypertension
Important principles to consider when counseling a client with AIDS include:
For clients who have cancer, additional dietary protein is needed to:
regenerate tissue
It is most appropriate to measure height while lying down in:
children age less than 2 years
A major focus of the dietary prescription for people who have type 2 diabetes is to:
A principle that is particularly important when counseling clients who have AIDS is:
Dietary changes that help reduce the incidence of constipation include:
increasing fluid intake
The kinds of food that can exacerbate nausea are:
Nutrition therapy for clients who have congestive heart failure focuses on restriction of dietary intake of:
For the client who has reduced salivary secretions and difficulty swallowing the approach that is most likely to be helpful is:
blending food into a semiliquid form
If diverticula of the large intestine become inflamed, the condition is called:
If the public drinking water has been declared to be unsafe for individuals with compromised immune systems, patients infected with HIV/AIDS should avoid ingesting:
ice and fountain drinks and restaurants
A Vitamin that is necessary for formation of scar tissue during the healing process is:
Vitamin C
The first step in the Nutrition Care Process is nutrition:
A step that occurs before the nutrition care process begins is:
An important function of carbohydrates in the postoperative period is to:
spare protein for tissue synthesis
Development of coronary heart disease is related to:
fibrous plaques in coronary vessels
It is important that energy needs in pregnancy are met so that:
optimal fetal growth is ensured
The cause of essential hypertension is:
A key component in the etiology of hepatic encephalopathy is:
high ammonia levels in the systemic circulation
The best way to relieve constipation during pregnancy is to:
increase intake of fluids and foods high in dietary fiber:
Dietary guidelines that may help prevent development of cancer include:
limiting intake of high-fat foods
Patients who have lost muscle mass, may benefit from:
A client wit diabetes would need to adjust or modify their diet if he or she is:
ill or under stress
One way in which oral hypoglycemic drugs act to lower elevated blood glucose levels is by:
stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin
Development of type 2 diabetes is closely linked to:
physical inactivity