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  1. Supervised ambulation for short distances. Requires B KAFOs and crtuches. Swing-to gait pattern, requires assistance. May prefer standing devices/standing wheelchairs for physiological standing.
  2. manual wheelchair, standard hand rims
  3. Manual wheelchair with friction surface hand rims, independent

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  1. Cervical Lesion with C5 - elbow flexionCan use manual chair with propulsion chair. Independent for short distances on smooth, flat surfaces. May use electric w/c for distances and energy conservation.


  2. Low lumbar lesions (L4 - L5)Can be independent in ambulation all surfaces and stairs. Swing through or four point gait pattern. B KAFOs and crutches. May use RGOs with walker with or without FES system. Independent household ambulators. Wheelchair use for community ambulation.


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