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money that is owed to someone else

taxation w/out representation

forcing people to pay taxes when they have no say in making the law that created the tax


to complain publicly about something that people believe is wrong or unfair


laws created or passed by a government

Stamp Act

made colonists furious! Some protested, others refused to pay.

Boston Massacre

March 5, 1770; only 5 people died

Intolerate Acts

Britain punished the colonists by passing laws the colonists called what

Boston Tea Party (who, what, why)

colonists poured 90,000 pounds of tea into the harbor because they were mad about tea tax.

French and Indian War

Britain gained land and had huge debts.

Quartering Act

provide housing, food, supplies, & transportation for Brittish soldiers

Proclamation of 1763

stopped the fighting & protected the colonists from Native Am. west of the Appalachians.

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