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  1. Tragic Hero
  2. Historical fiction
  3. Falling Action
  4. Dynamic Character
  5. Foreshadowing
  1. a A character who undergoes through a change during the story.
  2. b The reader learns the characters' reactions to the climax.
  3. c The use of clues and/or hints to suggest events that will occur later in the plot.
  4. d The main character of a TRAGEDY.
  5. e Type of literature that is based on a part of history but the plot is fictional.

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  1. A comparison of two unlike things using like or as.
  2. The literary technique involving surprising, interesting, or amusing contradictions.
  3. The choice of words used in a literary work by an author.
  4. A character with only one side, displays a constant in terms of feeling and emotion.
  5. A practical lesson about right and wrong conduct, often in an instructive story, such as a fable or parable.

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  1. FoilA short and fairly simple story designed to illustrate a moral lesson.


  2. SymbolThe element of grammar that deals with word order.


  3. Direct CharacterizationA use of the following elements: a character's looks, behaviour, thoughts, and actions/speech.


  4. VerisimilitudeA comparison of two unlike things using like or as.


  5. PersonificationThe first segment of the plot, it is the background information of characters. This is not always part of a story.