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  1. Tragic Hero
  2. Exposition
  3. Epic
  4. Static Character
  5. Stereotype
  1. a The first segment of the plot, it is the background information of characters. This is not always part of a story.
  2. b A generalization about a person or group based on appearance, ethnicity, age, gender, profession etc.
  3. c A character who does not change throughout the course of the story and who the reader does not learn more about.
  4. d A long narrative poem that celebrates the great deeds of at least one legendary hero. The three main characteristics are 1) fantastic geographies and exotic characters; 2) exhausting quests and difficult journeys; 3) heroic battles with monsters, supernatural beings and forces of nature.
  5. e The main character of a TRAGEDY.

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  1. The ending of the story. Possibly a "happily ever after."
  2. A story with two meanings: a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning.
  3. The method used by a writer to develop a character.
  4. A 14-line lyric poem usually written in iambic pentameter.
  5. Anything that stands for or represents something else.

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  1. Local ColorThe use of details like speech, customs, clothing etc. associated with a particular region of the country.


  2. Dynamic CharacterA character whose main purpose is to teach another character a moral lesson.


  3. SettingA writing that makes fun of or holds to contempt the faults of individuals or groups.


  4. Direct CharacterizationA use of the following elements: a character's looks, behaviour, thoughts, and actions/speech.


  5. SoliloquyA long speech where the character alone on stage expresses his/her thoughts aloud.


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