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Brick house.

Jefferson Davis

First and only president of the Confederate States of America

Fort Sumter

This fort in Charleston was fired upon by Carolinians in 1861

Richmond, Virginia

The new capital of the Confederacy

Border States

These were the northernmost slave states that did not secede


True or False: The Battle of Fort Sumter did not cause any states to secede


True or False: Lincoln's goal for the civil war was to preserve the union, not end slavery

Robert E. Lee

This confederate general was seen as an unstoppable force and was a tactical genius

Thomas Jackson

This man was Robert E. Lee's chief lieutenant for much of the war. Some nicknamed him "Stonewall"

The economy

This was the Union's greatest strength and the Confederacy's greatest weakness

Army of the Potomac

The Union army commanded by McClellan and others to squash the Confederacy

Uncle Tom's Cabin

This item prevented Britain and France from intervening in the war and helping the south

Harriet Beecher Stowe

This woman wrote the incendiary novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Trent Affair

The incident in which a Union warship stopped a British steamer, the Trent, and removed two Confederate diplomats bound for Europe


This man was made the emperor of Mexico by Napoleon III


This nationwide law of 1863 required young men to enlist in the army

Morill Tariff

This tariff was passed once all the southern congressmen who opposed it had seceded


The name of the paper money used during war time

National Banking Act

This act was passed to establish a standard bank-note currency


These were the men who rushed to Pennsylvania once oil was discovered there

Homestead Act

This act, enacted in 1862, gave out free land to those who would settle it, improve it, and grow crops.

Elizabeth Blackwell

This woman was the first physician and organized the U.S. Sanitary Commission to assist the Union

New York

In which state did notable draft riots occur in?

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