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PowerPoint Final

What is the most common modiifcation procedure of objects?


Which of the following is NOT an option in the arrange group on the Format tab?

Send on Top

Shapes is in the ____ group on the insert tab


WordArt text effects include a unique ___ option to rotate the WordArt text around a path


The ____ feature in PowerPoint 2010 help you line up shapes and objects


Which of the following is TRUE about the SmartArt diagram galleries?

There are two: colors and special effects

Which of the following is FALSE about SmartArt objects

Special modiifcations include Text Fil, Text effects, and a Transform option.

How do you activate the Lock Drawings Mode feature in PowerPoint 2010

Right-click the shape you want and select Lock Drawing Mode

which of the following is NOT a SmartArt catagory diagram


Which of the following is NOT a step in changing the exact measurement of an object

Click the object contextual tab

Which of the following refers to moving an object around its axis


Where would you find an arrowhead in regard to PowerPoint 2010?

At the end of a line

How do you constrain the rotation of a selected object to 15-degree angles?

Hold the Shift key

Which of the following is FALSE about line shapes in PowerPoint 2010?

A vertical inch contains 100 centimeters

What is the difference between a SmartArt List diagram and a SmartArt Process diagram

The List is for nonsequential information; the Process is steps in a process.

Use the ____ feature to line up three objects on a slide that are scattered about the slide


How do you retain the original height and width proportion of a clip art object

Click the Lock aspect Ratio check box

Which of the follwoing is TRUE about ungrouping an object?

Vector grapic files are easily edited and layered.

Shadows, gradiets, and 3-D effects are part of the ____ gallery.

SmartArt Quick Styles

Which of the following is FALSE about clip art images?

Height and width must b adjusted sperately

SmartArt layouts include combinations of all EXCEPT:


If you have selected the Lock Drawing Mode, press ____ to release it


What key can be pressed to constrain a shape?


Click a(n) to resize a shape that you've inserted on a slide.

Sizing Handle

How does an adjustment handle display when a shape is selected.

As a yellow diamond.

When entering text in the Text pane of a SmartArt design and you want to increase the indent level, press:


____ are two lines on a slide that intersect at the center.


By using different combinations of numbers between 0 and 255, over ____ colors can be created

16 million

The Text pane of a SmartArt diagram is most similar to a(n):


Denim, Marble, and Cork are examples of ____ fills.


Which of the following is TRUE about changing diagram types in SmartArt?

Customized shapes transfer from the old diagram to the new one.

The thickness of a shape outline is measured in ___.


Which of the following is NOT a method of selecting more than one shape in order to apply a Quick Style?

Press Alt and select each object.

Which of the following is NOT an option from the Add Shape arrow in the create Graphic Group?

Add Shape to the Right

Which of the following is NOT a modifiction element of WordArt

Text Animation

Which of the following is NOT a picture color mode?


WordArt can be added to a slide from the ____ tab.


What is a quick, easy way to flip an onject?

Drag one of the side sizing handles over the opposite side

Click a(n) ____ to resize a shape that you've inserted on a slide.

sizing handle

What is a gradient fill a blend of?

Two or more colors

If you open a word document in PowerPoint and each item becomes a title for a slide, what happened?

The word document is actually a bulleted list rather than an outline.

What is the first step to revise slides from an existing presentation to an open PowerPoint file?

Click the New Slide arrow in the Slides group

When viewing a Slide in Collapsed outline views, how do you know if a slide contains additional levels?

The slide title appears with a wavy line below it

Which of the following galleries offers the areas: subtle, moderate, and intense?


What is the first step in opening a new template in PowerPoint?

Click the File tab

Which of the following design elements is most appropriate for an educated, adult audience?

muted earth tones

Which of the following is TRUE about the outline view?

Double click the slide icon to collapse or expand slide content.

Which of the following is TRUE about a focal point on a slide?

It is important to create a focal point that leads the viewer's eyes to critical information.

Which of the following is TRUE about .txt files when importing an outline?

Each line of the outline becomes a slide when imported.

When you select a sample template option, what templates are you lookng at?

Templates installed with PowerPoint 2010

What does dividing content into sections do?

It helps you group slides into meaningful segments.

What templates are displayed when you select the sample templates option?

Templates installed with PowerPoint 2010

What is the default name of a new section?

Untitled Section

The file format ____, recognized by PowerPoint is a format that can be transferred among platforms and can be used to transfer formatted text documents among applications.


Which of the following is FALSE about sections in PowerPoint?

Slide sections can be collapsed.

The ____ file format retains only text without saving any formatting.


Micrsoft Word 2010 outlines that can be imported into a presentation have a ____ file extension.


Which of the following is TRUE about how typical text looks on a slide?

Each subsidiary item is indented and the font size is smaller

What default theme is automatically used when you create a new blank presentation in PowerPoint 2010?

Office theme

Templates that you have recently used are located in the ___.

Home category

How many levels of indentation does PowerPoint 2010 allow?


What displays in the preview pane when you are checking out a template?

Only the title slide of the template

Which of the following should primarily be avoided?

Underlining text

An important design principle states that you should use no more than ____ fonts on a slide


What determines if a slide title is viewable in the outline view of a presentation?

Only if there is a title placeholder will you see the title text

What prints along with the text of an outline when printing in expanded voew

The slide icon and slide number

which of the following files will import all of the outline text into one placeholder on one slide?


Which of the following could be a web document that could possibly be imported into PowerPoint?


The collapsed outline view displays which of the following?

The slide icon and slide title

The New Slide arrow is located on the ____ tab


Which of the following is TRUE about backgraound shapes and graphics

Shapes and graphics can be hidden on all background themes.

Whichof the following is NOT an actual gallery in PowerPoint 2010?

Page Setup Gallery

which of the following is FALSE about the colors gallery?

To select a color theme, right-click the choice in one of the Theme Colors to apply it

Which of the following is TRUE about reusing slides from an existing presentation?

When you insert a slide into an open presentation, the slide takes on the formatting of the current presentation.

Which of the following is NOT possible to do while in Outline view?

Add transitions to the slide

Which of the following is correct about fonts on slides?

If your presentation will be delivered thruough a projection device, use sans scrif fonts.

After clicking file, open, and all PowerPoint Presentations arrow, which files will be listed?

All files in a format PowerPoint recognizes

How do you move a slide in collapsed outline view?

Position the pointer over a slide icon until it turns to a four-headed arrow and drag it

Which of the following does not create harmony and unity on slides?

Use photographs as well as clip art

What is the first step to reuse slides from an existing presentation to an open PowerPoint file?

Click the New Slide arrow in the Slides group.

which of the following is true about tables in PowerPoint 2010?

Tables organize information on a slide in columns and rows

The left pane of a standard PowerPoint window Contains the ____ and ____ tabs.

Slides; Outlines

Choosing the layout for a slide is done by clicking the ____ arrow on the ____ tab.

New Slide: Home

All of the following layouts include specific buttons to quickly and easily insert objects EXCEPT:

Title Slide

Changing the order of slides or deleting one or more slides is most easily done in ____ view.

Slide Sorter

Of the following, which is NOT a method to return to a previously viewed slide.

Press N

Which of the following is TRUE about themes in PowerPoint 2010?

The theme gallery can display each theme as live preview

It is suggested that you end a presentation with any of the following EXCEPT a:

New Key Thought

While viewing slides in the Slide Sorter a(n) ____ icon indictaes that a slide has animation


If you save a presentation with a .PPTX file extension, it will open in ____ view in PowerPoint 2010.


Which of the following PowerPoint features is accessed through the File Tab?


Which of the following is TRUE about PowerPoint 2010?

A PowerPoint electronic slide show can run automatically at a kiosk.

It is suggested that a tilte slide should include a title in ____ words.

two to five

If you are using the annotation tools on slides during a slide show, use the ____ keys to move forward and backward in a presentation.

Page Down and Page Up

What does checking the update automatically button do in Header and Footer dialog box?

Automatically updates the date to always be current

Which of the Following is FALSE about the 7X7 guideline for presentions

It suggest that a maximum of seven transitions and seven animations should be used in a presentation.

A typical storyboard includes sections for all of the following EXCEPT:

Add Animation

Which of the follwoing needs more words to communicate your ideas and may make your presentaion seem flat?

Passive Voice

Animation is movement that controls all EXCEPT the ____ of an object in a slide show.


Which of the following is true about transitions and animations?

To many transitions and animations styles can be distracting for audiences.

Which of the following is NOT considered a step in checking spelling and incorrect word usage for a PowerPoint slide show?

Use the ediing feature

Which of the following list ofitems (text within a sentenece) uses parallel construction?

mowed the lawn, weeded the flower bed, and put the tools away

Which of the following is NOT included as part of a theme?

Clip Art

If you have a title slide selected and you click on the new slide button (not the new slide arrow), the new slide will have a ____ layout.

Title and Content

The ____ key darkens the screen during a presentation.


Which of the following is FALSE about the Slide Show view?

The slide show view is new to PowerPoint 2010.

Of the following, which is NOT a method to advance through a slide Show?

Press P

In which views does a transition appear?

Slide Show and Reading View

What happens to the background when you print a slide show in grayscale?

The background will not print

which of the following is not a handout printing option


Of the following, ____ is NOT an option on the PowerPoint status bar.

The close button

Which of the following is recommended as the first step in planning a presentation

Determine the goal

what key combination inserts an indent within the cell of a table on a slide?

Crtl + Tab

What does pressing the hyphen (-) do when showing a slide show?

Ends a slideshow

Contextual mistakes in PowerPoint 2010 are noted by

A red wavy underline

Which of the following is not an option when clicking the full page slides button?


What tab is accessed in order to print a slide show


The ____ key can be used to move the insertion point from one cell of the table to the next.


Which of the following is true about prinitng the outline of a slide show

Speaker notes are not included when printed

Apear, Fade, Fly in, and Swivel are all types of:


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