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  1. data set
  2. sample
  3. statistics
  4. skewed histogram
  5. qualitative variable
  1. a methods used to collect and analyze data to make decisions
  2. b collection of measurements on a variable
  3. c Tail of one side of graph is larger than other
  4. d the portion of population studied
  5. e variable cannot be measured numerically

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  1. collection of one or more outcomes
  2. identical on both sides of central point
  3. prob. of single event with consideration of another event
  4. event with more than one outcome
  5. events that do not affect each other

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  1. simple eventevent with only one final outcome


  2. subjective probabilityprob. based on experience or belief


  3. meanmiddle number


  4. cross-section datadata collected at same point or period of time


  5. classinterval of values between two numbers


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