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  1. discrete variable
  2. class boundary
  3. uniform histogram
  4. continuous variable
  5. discrete random variable
  1. a has same frequency for each class
  2. b countable random value
  3. c variable can assume any numerical value over an interval
  4. d midpoint of upper limit and next lower limit
  5. e countable variable

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  1. reuslt of an experiment
  2. all events have equally likely outcomes
  3. identical on both sides of central point
  4. outcomes belonging to A and/or B
  5. collection of one or more outcomes

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  1. modemost occurring number


  2. representative samplesample that represents characteristics of pop. as closely as possible


  3. qualitative variablevariable can be measured numerically


  4. continuous random variablevariable can assume any numerical value over an interval


  5. mutually exclusiveevents that cannot occur together