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  1. random sample
  2. cumulative frequency distribution
  3. inferential stats
  4. measurement
  5. descriptive stats
  1. a value of variable for an element
  2. b displays data using tables/graphs
  3. c total number values below upper boundary of each class
  4. d uses sample results to make decisions and predictions
  5. e sample drawing where each element has a chance of being selected

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  1. subject which information is collected
  2. characteristic under study with changes values
  3. event with only one final outcome
  4. countable random value
  5. number of ways x can be selected from n

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  1. modemost occurring number


  2. bernoulli triallikelihood of a specific event


  3. sample surveysurvey of elements of sample


  4. censussurvey of all members of population


  5. grouped datadata presented in frequency distribution