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  1. measurement
  2. variable
  3. outliers
  4. subjective probability
  5. mode
  1. a most occurring number
  2. b prob. based on experience or belief
  3. c very small/large values relative to majority
  4. d value of variable for an element
  5. e characteristic under study with changes values

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  1. data with info on each sample individually
  2. events that do not affect each other
  3. prob. of one event given another already occurred
  4. all elements being studied
  5. outcomes belonging to A and/or B

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  1. dependent eventsevents that affect each other


  2. probabilityProb of intersection of two events


  3. descriptive statsuses sample results to make decisions and predictions


  4. random samplesample drawing where each element has a chance of being selected


  5. grouped datadata presented in frequency distribution