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  1. discrete variable
  2. law of large numbers
  3. element
  4. ungrouped data
  5. simple random sample
  1. a data with info on each sample individually
  2. b all samples of same size have same chance of being selected
  3. c prob. approaches actual prob. as experiment is repeated
  4. d countable variable
  5. e subject which information is collected

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  1. prob. of one event given another already occurred
  2. uses sample results to make decisions and predictions
  3. variable can assume any numerical value over an interval
  4. random variable that assumes any value
  5. most occurring number

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  1. outcomemost occurring number


  2. descriptive statsdisplays data using tables/graphs


  3. dependent eventsevents that affect each other


  4. discrete random variablecountable random value


  5. cross-section datadata collected at same point or period of time


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