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  1. law of large numbers
  2. inferential stats
  3. dependent events
  4. survey
  5. qualitative variable
  1. a collection of data on elements of sample
  2. b events that affect each other
  3. c uses sample results to make decisions and predictions
  4. d prob. approaches actual prob. as experiment is repeated
  5. e variable cannot be measured numerically

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  1. events that do not affect each other
  2. survey of elements of sample
  3. all events have equally likely outcomes
  4. data presented in frequency distribution
  5. data with info on each sample individually

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  1. statisticsinterval of values between two numbers


  2. medianmiddle number


  3. modemost occurring number


  4. random samplevalue determined by outcome of random experiment


  5. time-series datadata collected at same point or period of time