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  1. quantitative variable
  2. uniform histogram
  3. mutually exclusive
  4. conditional probability
  5. raw data
  1. a unprocessed data
  2. b events that cannot occur together
  3. c has same frequency for each class
  4. d prob. of one event given another already occurred
  5. e variable can be measured numerically

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  1. survey of elements of sample
  2. random variable that assumes any value
  3. the portion of population studied
  4. very small/large values relative to majority
  5. data presented in frequency distribution

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  1. classical probabilityall events have equally likely outcomes


  2. skewed histogramTail of one side of graph is larger than other


  3. modemiddle number


  4. simple eventevent with more than one outcome


  5. combinations (nCx)number of ways x can be selected from n