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  1. subjective probability
  2. classical probability
  3. class boundary
  4. data set
  5. qualitative variable
  1. a prob. based on experience or belief
  2. b all events have equally likely outcomes
  3. c midpoint of upper limit and next lower limit
  4. d variable cannot be measured numerically
  5. e collection of measurements on a variable

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  1. collection of data on elements of sample
  2. most occurring number
  3. reuslt of an experiment
  4. interval of values between two numbers
  5. repetition of binomial experiment

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  1. complementary eventsevents that affect each other


  2. time-series datadata collected at different points or periods of time


  3. cumulative frequency distributionprob. based on experience or belief


  4. marginal probabilityProb of intersection of two events


  5. symmetric histogramidentical on both sides of central point