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Character Traits A - Z

Speaking English is fun and learning character traits make it even more so, by giving learners the chance to describe the myriad of people that surround us everyday. Here is a set of positive Character Traits with pictures for first time ESL learners to practice or just brush up what they already know. Feedback is always appreciated.
a person who likes adventure, takes rish to have an adventure

(People who climb tall mountains are very ____________.)
often shows love, or enjoys being receiving love

(My cat really loves me. She always wants my attention. She is so ____________.)
someone who often feels nervous or worried about things.

(Before a test, I always feel very ________.)
a creative person, good at art

(She is good at drawing, so she must be very ___________.)
someone who listens carefully, give her/his full attention to someone or sth.

(A good student listens to the teacher and is always ___________. A bad student is not.)
someone who likes to tell everyone how good he/she is

(I don't like Jenny because she is very ____________. She always wants to tell me how great she is.)
brave, courageous, not easily frightened

(Adventurous people are also very brave and _____.)
bold, courageous, not easily frightened

(Firefighters must be very _______ because they have to go into many dangerous places.)
intelligent, smart

(Doris is very _______ (smart).)
often busy, often doing something, no time for other activities

(The __________ teacher is always doing something.)
not easily excited, a mild person

(I like my teacher because she is always very ______, never angry.)
care free
someone who does worry about anything, free of care

(That boy doesn't care about anything. He's really ____________.)
someone who enjoys chatting, talking with other people

(I always like to talk, so my aunt says I am very ________.)
often in a happy mood, full of life, not often sad

(My Uncle Sam is never sad, and always very _________ and happy.)
someone who is careless, not careful, often falls down or knocks things over

(Hey! You just knocked my book onto the floor. You are so ________.)
often thinks about the needs of others first and always tries to help

(My grandma cares a lot about poor people. She is very ___________ because she always tries to help.)
someone who is easily confused, makes things difficult to understand

(He doesn't understand anything the teacher says. He is often _________.)
someone who considers (thinks about) others first before themselves

(My friend George always thinks of others before himself. He is very ________________.)
works well with other people

(Even though my dad is busy, he always helps me whenever I ask. I think he is very _____________.)
brave, bold, willing to take risks for other people

(A soldier must be very ___________ when he goes to fight a battle.)
easily scared or frightened, not courageous

(My cat is so ____________. He always jumps at the smallest sound.)
someone good at creating things, has many ideas

(I love making things in art. My teacher says I am a ___________ student.)
eager to learn, want to know more

(Cats are always very __________. They always want to know what's happening.)
more willing to take risks than other people

(If you want to climb mountains you need to be very brave and d_______.)
able to make decisions quickly

(She always knows what to do. She is very _____________.)
refuses to obey the rules, disobedient

(The naughty boy was very ________, and he didn't listen to the teacher at all.)
someone you can rely or depend on to do something

(No matter what happens, I can always rely on my ____________ friend.)
someone who needs something or someone to live

(Everybody is ________ on food and water to live.)
to finish something once you've started, to show determination

(If you want to go far in life, you need to be very ________.)
hardworking to complete a goal after starting

(That hardworking student is very ______________.)
easy going
not worried or rushed, not easily made angry

(I love my mom. She's so __________ that everyone likes to make friends with her.)
a person who always has lots of energy to do things

My little brother always has so much energy. He is so _________.)
wanting something that isn't yours, feeling envy

(I am really __________ of my big sister because she can drive a car and I can't yet.)
out-going, always likes to be around people, talkative(

(My teacher is really _____________. He always makes me laugh in class and he can talk to anyone.)
someone who treats everyone the same, level-headed

A judge needs to be _______ when listening to people's problems.)
someone you can always trust, who will always be there to help you

(My dog does everything I ask him. He is always really __________.)
easily forgive people for bad things they did

(My parents are so cool. No matter what I do, they are always very _________.)
open, honest, like to say what you think

(When you say what you think, you are ___________.)
a person who is always nice to everyone they meet

(My friend Mark likes to laugh with everyone. He is very ________.)
someone who likes to have fun

(I am a ___________ person, for I always like to have fun.)
likes to give or share his/her things

(My friend, Irene, is so ___________ because she always gives money to poor people who need it.)
someone who always wants more than they need (Ex. money)

(My brother is very ___________. He eats everything on the table, so there is nothing for me to eat.)
likes to help other people, enjoy helping

(Our boss always helps me. He is really __________.)
someone who always tells the truth

(The __________ man never lies to anyone.)
vain, talking to people like you are better than them

(That woman is so __________ because she always thinks she is better than everyone else.)
without too much pride, respectful of others acheivements

(__________ people always say what other people do is more important that what they do.)
someone who makes others laugh, likes to tell jokes

(Your funny friend is so __________, we should invite him to our party.)
someone who has an active imagination

(Young children always have wild imaginations. They are so __________.)
able to do things on your own, don't need others to help you(My little brother is very __________ because he loves to do everything on his own.)
very smart, having a great intellect

(Einstein was a very __________ man.)
shy not outgoing, prefer to keep to oneself

(I don't like to talk to everyone because I am really quite __________.)
always thinking up new ideas or ways to do things

(Willy Wonka was a very __________ person.)
not responsible for your actions, don't care that what you do may hurt other people

(David doesn't care if he hurts anyone with his actions. He is very __________.)
wanting something that isn't yours

(Tom's girlfriend earned more money than Tom so Tom felt ____________.)
being full of joy, happy about life

(Children are usually ______ every day.)
eager, enthusiastic, really want to do something

(The student was very ____ to finish her homework and watch TV.)
likes to help others, a good hearted person

(The ____ man helped all the old people to cross the road.)
sensible, always fair in everything he/she does

(She is always so sensible every day. I think she is _________.)
cheerful, always happy, often thinking about happier things in life

(I love to laugh. People say that I am very ____ ________.)
only you, without friends

(I like to travel around the world by myself, but sometimes I can feel ____.)
easy to love, everyone loves a lot, affectionate

(My dad always likes to laugh. I love him because he is so _______.)
someone who will always be there for you when you need them, faithful

(A good friend should always help you when you need them. They should always be _____.)
someone older and wiser, acts like a grown-up (not childish)

(Your boyfriend is so considerate and thoughtful. He's really __________. Mine is really childish.)
likes to make mischief or trouble for others

(My ____________ younger brother played a trick on my mom and *I* got into trouble!)
without too much pride, respectful of others achievements, not boastful

(My uncle doesn't like to boast about his achievements. He is very _________.)
dresses very well, not messy at all

(People say that while my brother looks very messy, I look very _______.)
in great need, need help now

(Babies are very dependant on their moms. They are very __________. )
someone who often feels worried, anxious about things

(The naughty boy is very confident in class, but very ________ when he's sat outside the principal's office.)
willing to do what someone asks you to do

(After he was naughty, the boy was very __________ for him mom.)
always ready to listen to new ideas

(I'm always ________________ to new ideas and things in life.)
very interested in other people, likes to talk to everyone

(The ___________ girl talked to everyone at the party.)
able to wait or bear something without getting angry

(Teachers are always very ____________ in class.)
to love your country dearly

(A president should always be ____________ if he wants the job.)
without decoration, simple looking, acts the same as everyone else

(Sarah isn't beautiful or ugly, but she looks very _______ in that dress.)
always make someone happy by what you do

(Brad tries hard to make his teacher happy. He is a very ______________ boy.)
someone who has good manners, (i.e. treats people nicely)

(We all like people who are _____________ to everyone.)
liked by everyone, people want to be like you

(Not only is he famous, but Wang Jian Ming is ________ too because everyone likes him.)
you can always predict what someone will do

(The mail carrier is so _____________. He always comes at the same time every day.)
always acts more properly than necessary

(Because she likes to talk, dress and work properly, many people say Sue is ______.)
ontime, not early, not late

(It's always important to be _______ when you arrive at work.)
always acting by the rule book, follow the rules

(Teachers always like students that act ________ly in class.)
pleased with yourself for doing something important to you

(I feel really ________ because my pumpkin was the biggest at the fair, so everyone knows I'm the best.)
ontime, not early, not late

(My boss always likes ________ people because they always arrive at work on time.)
not loud, someone whose speech and actions aren't noisy

(My sister is doesn't talk very much and she never shouts at anyone. She is so ______.)
a rebel who doesn't like to follow the rules, not obedient

(That kid thinks he is so __________ because he doesn't follow the rules. I think he is just stupid.)
someone who you can rely on, always able to help when you need them, loyal

(The best friends are the ones you can trust. The ones who are the most loyal and ________.)
reserving your feelings, acting in a proper way

(I never know if that man is happy or sad. He never shows his emotion. I think he is just very __________.)
to show much respect for other people

(If you respect other people then people will think you are very __________.)
able to trust someone to look after or do something important

(Although Annie is only 14 years old, my mom lets her baby sit me because she says Annie is a ____________ girl.)
showing feelings of love, ("a hopeless ________")

(Girls always like boys that give them flowers, give them nice surprises etc... in other words, they like boys who are very __________.)
not happy about something

(Why are you often so _____ recently? You are hardly ever happy.)
like to keep secrets and not tell others

(You have so many secrets, that I feel like I hardly know you. You are so __________.)
confident in yourself, know that you're able to do anything you want to do

(You need to believe in yourself. Be ____-____________.)
to think that you look better than everyone else, prideful

(Why are you so _____? You think you are so much better than everybody else!)
thinking of others before yourself, unselfish

(That helpful boy was really ___________ when he helped that old woman cross the street.)
making the right decisions, wise, levelheaded

(You should always be ___________ when you drive a car.)
care alot about what other people think of you, emotional

(You shouldn't care what people think about you. Don't be so ____________.)
seldom laughs, not lighthearted

(Our new teacher is so __________ that he almost never smiles.)
not confident around other people

(The new girl in our class won't talk to anyone because she is so ___________.)
not complicated, modest, ordinary people

(I like ___________, regular, uncomplicated people that are easy to talk to.)
uncomplicated thinking, thinking (caring) only simple things

(Don't be so ________-_________! You can't put a car key in your house's door lock.)
not bold or confident; afraid to face danger

(People say that my cat is quite ****** as he won't go near anyone.)
doesn't stop working, doesn't get tired, has much energy

(That student will surely pass the exam next week. He hasn't stop studying for at all. He's really *******.)
someone who follows the customs of their ancestors

(My aunt always likes to sing songs on Xmas day. She is so ********.)
someone you can trust to do something right

(When skydiving it's important the person who opens the parachute is *********.)
different to everyone else, not the same

(If I could describe my friend in one word it would be ******.)
impulsive, not predictable, noone knows what they'll do next

(Parents never know what young babies will do next because they are so **********.)
not selfish at all, often thinks of others first, generous

(People who like to help others before themselves are always *******.)
to think that you look better than everyone else, prideful

(My sister is always looking in the mirror. Wa, she is so ****.)
not easy to control, doesn't follow the rules

(Although the teacher often shouts at the naughty boy, nobody can control him. He is too ****.)
someone who understands what the right thing to do is

(We can always learn from people older than us as they are often very ****.)
someone funny with a clever sense of humor

(My friend is so funny, he has such a ***** sense of humor.)