cerebrum includes what
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i.e. e-stim of hypothalamus area causes an animal to search for & ingest food as long as the stimulation is appliedbilateral destruction of the areas associated with eating behaviors results in the refusal of food, causing starvation even when food is readily availablefunctions orchestrated by the hypothalamus include- maintaining homeostasis - eating, reproductive & defensive behaviors - emotional expression of pleasure, rage, fear and aversion - regulation of circadian rhythms in concert with other brain regions - endocrine regulation of growth, metabolism, and reproductive organsmajor structure of the epithalamus is thepineal galndpineal gland helpsregulate circadian rhythms influence the secretions of the pituitary gland, adrenal & parathyroid glands, & the islets of Langerhanssubthalamus located wheresuperior to substantia nigra of the midbrainsubthalamus is part of the basal ganglia circuit which is involved inregulating movementfacilitates BGoutput nucleisubcortical white matter: all white matter consists ofmyelinated axonssubcortical white matter fibers are classified into 3 categories- projection - commisural - association