Theory Terms 1

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A tempo
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DecrescendoGradually get softer (c)DiminuendoGradually get softer (m)DolceSweetlyFermataHold the note until the conductor releases it.FineThe endGiocosoHumourously, jokinglyLegatoSmoothlyMarcatoMarked; emphasizedMoltoVery much; a lotMorendoDying awayPocoA littleRallentandoSlow downRitardandoGradually slowerRitenutoSlow more suddenly and extremely than a ritardandoRubatoDisplay intense feeling by modifying the time.SempreAlwaysSforzandoForcibly; with a sudden strong accentSostenutoSustainedStaccatoSeparatedTenutoHeld, sustained. Wind player: use a soft tongue. Singers: "press" articulation.