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the removal of vegetation, especially on hillsides increases the risk of


which of the following is NOT an input control over cultural eutrophication?

harvesting excess weeds

thermal pollution

can kill organisms adapted to a particular temperature range by thermal shock

which of the following is not a way to prevent or slow groundwater depleation

grow more water-intensive crops

economic benefits of building large dams include

production of renewable energy and storage of water for agricultural and domestic use (II and III)

throughout the world the most water is used for


increasing water efficiency can be accomplished in all of the following ways except

increasing government subsidies for farmers to pump water from rivers and aquifers below-market prices

over half of the total mass of pollutants entering streams and lakes comes from

nonpoint pollution from agriculture

which of the following pollutants are the result of human and animal waste contamination?


a good indicator of water quality is the number of

coliform bacteria

the water pollution and control laws enacted in the 1970s have done all but which of the following?

forced municipalities to take their water supply from the downstream side of the river

groundwater can be protected least by

using advanced sewage treatment

the oil company responsible for the oil spill of the Valdez was


Humans increase the likelihood of flooding by

all of these- draining wetlands, building on floodplains, removing water-absorbing vegetation, and urbanization

the ogallala aquifer

is being used faster than it is being recharged

dissolved oxygen in a body of water can be directly and indirectly depleated due to large amounts of

all of these- thermal pollution, organic wastes, sediments and suspended matter, and bacteria

which of the following is a nonpoint source of water pollution?

logged forest

one chemical method for cleaning up oil spills is

coagulating agents

which of the following is not a main factor in water scarcity?

fewer people withdrawing water from reliable runoff

FALSE STATEMENT- the amount of oxygen in rivers increases as the waters temp. rises

see front

one class of pollutants that can cause a population explosion of aerobic bacteria is

oxygen demanding organic wastes

which of the following types of sewage treatment is properly matched?

advanced- physical and chemical processes

which of the following is not one of the ways that climate change can affect water pollution

it can improve water quality of the oceans for marine life and increase fish populations

what is not an effective way to reduce cultural eutrophication?

add nitrates to algal blooms

the term subsidence refers to

sinking of ground when water has be withdrawn

cancer corridor in louisiana contains how many hazardous waste sites?


FASTE STATEMENT- areas of a steam upriver from a point of discharge experience a septic or dead zone

see front

the presence of fecal coliform bacteria in a sample of river water suggest which of the following?

the water is contaminated with animal waste

which of the following is a point source of water pollution?

offshore oil wells

the only effective way to protect groundwater is to

prevent contamination

one class of pollutants that can cause excessive growth of algae is

inorganic plant nutrients

which one of the great lakes first showed intense effects of water pollution


the majority of the oil pollution of the ocean comes from

runoff from land

potential problems that may arise in a fully privatized water system include all of the following except

all are problems- lack of money and expertise, costly for public, using water as profit instead of conserving it

which stage of cultural eutrophication occurs last?

fish kills

sources of groundwater contamination include

all of these- abandoned hazardous waste dumps, deep wells, and industrial and livestock waste storage lagoons

FASTE STATEMENT- groundwater is stationary and does not move

see front

which of the following is an effective alternative to chlorine for disinfecting wastewater at a municiple treatment plant

ultraviolet light

the main human activity that increases flooding is


which of the following conditions in the himalayan watershed contributes to the flooding in bangladesh?

rapid population growth

which of the following statements about freshwater in the US is false

global warming will likely decrease water-use conflicts

FALSE STATEMENT- slow-flowing rivers are less susceptible to pollutants than fast-flowing streams

see front

farmers can sharply reduce fertilizer runoff by

all of these- using prescribed amounts of fertilizer, planting nitrogen-fixing plants, planting buffer zones, control runoff

the leading nonpoint source of water pollution is


FALSE STATEMENT- water is one of the better-managed resources

see front

oxygen sag curves

occur when oxygen-demanding wastes are added to the water

which of the following offers the greatest conservation of water?

micro-irrigation or drip irrigation

sustainable use of water involves

all of these- integrated governance of water pollution, participatory decision making, preservation of ecological integrity of water supply systems, and efficient use of water

what is the most ecologically responsible way to dispose of sewage sludge is

treating it with heat to kill harmful bacteria, removing toxic metals, and using it as fertilizer

which of the following directly decreases photosynthesis in bodies of water


for drinking water, the world health organization recommends what level of coliform bacterial colonies per 100 mililiters of water sample?


the most common problem encountered by seabirds coated with oil is

loss of buoyancy and insulation, causing deaths from exposure

which of the following statements about lakes is true?

lakes are more vulnerable than streams to contamination

to be considered safe swimming, what should the number of coliform colonies of bacteria by per 100 ml of water?


FALSE STATEMENT- inorganic nutrients such as fertilizers have no adverse effects of aquatic ecosystems

see front

it is most economically and environmentally sound to focus water resource management on

increasing the efficiency in the way we use water

porous water-saturated layers of underground rock are known as


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