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Based on the Bible. 1 All species are divine creatures and cannot change. 2 All species formed in 7 days (4004BC). 3 Fossils represent organisms killed in the great flood.


Curvier, early 1800's palentologist(studied fossils) recognised fossils occured in layers and changed from one layer to the next. 1 Life is destroyed periodically in localized areas. 2 New organisms migrate in or are created by god.

Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics

Lamarck early 1800's was first to recognise evolution based on adaptations to the environment. 1 Individuals adopt and develop new fetures based on need. 2 These fetures are passed on to offspring.

Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

Written by Charles Darwin and related work by Alfred Wallace, Species produce variable offspring of the same species.


Two individuals fight over space, light and food.

Survival of the Fittest

Better adapted individuals are more likely to survive and reproduce.

Natural Selection

New species evolve from old ones over long periods of time.


Palentologist associated with Castrophism.


Associated with the concept of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics.

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