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Phrasal verbs with up


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Speak up
to speak in a louder voice so that people can hear you; speak more loudly
Eat up
to eat all the food that you have been given; use resources or time in very large quantities
Make up
to invent a story, lie, or plan; apply cosmetics to oneself or another; to be reconciled after a quarrel
Look up
to search for and find a piece of information in a reference book
Clear up
tidy something up by removing trash or other unwanted items; solve or explain something; cure an illness or other medical condition
Cheer up
to make someone become happier or less miserable
Use up
to finish a supply of something
Set up
to start, organize, configure or establish
Hold up
to support and prevent something from falling; to delay or block the movement or progress of someone or something
Give up
to stop doing something before completing it, usually because it's too difficult
Bring up
to raise a matter for discussion or consideration; to care for a child until it is an adult, often giving it particular beliefs

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