Science Experiment Words


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a prediction that can be tested
independent variable
what the experimenter changes, manipulates, or varies in order to conduct the experiment
dependent variable
what changes when the independent variable changes, it is what is being measured
experimental group
the group of participants in an experiment who receive the actual drug or treatment being studied
quantitative observation
a numerical measure of a value or quantity of something
qualitative observation
observations made about the qualities of something- such as color, texture, taste, smell, sound etc; does not include counting or measuring
numbered steps taken to carry out the lab
a factor in an experiment that can change, or vary
things that are kept the same in an experiment in order to make the results of the experiment more reliable and only test the independent variable
direct relationship
when one value increases, the other decreases OR when one value decreases the other increases
measurements collected in labs that are often organized into tables, charts, or graphs
the question scientists or experimenters are going to investigate
scientific method sequence
develop a question
make a hypothesis
do an experiment
collect and analyze data
make a conclusion
something you notice using one or more of the five senses; must be directly observable
a statement in which you decide whether the data supports the hypothesis; can consist of questions about the lab or sentences summarizing the results of the experiment.
supplies needed for the lab
a conclusion made based on an observation, other evidence, and/or any prior knowledge
indirect relationship
when one value increases, the other also increases OR when one value decreases, the other also decreases
control group
consists of participants left untreated or unexposed to some procedure, drug, or treatment; this group is then compared with experimental subjects in order to see if the experiment was a success