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left England and settled in New England colonies in search of religious freedom
New England Colonies Government
government practices and laws based on puritan religious beliefs
Roger Williams
did not agree with Puritan government and started the colony of Rhode Island
Salem Witch Trials
evidence of witchcraft was based on rumors and superstitions
Quaker Beliefs
Quakers believed ALL people were equal including Africans, women, and Native Americans
New York
began as a Dutch colony called New Amsterdam but renamed New York when English took control
Middle Colonists
many non-English immigrants attracted by cheap land
James Olgethorpe
established the colony of Georgia where debtors could have a fresh start
Jamestown 1670s
population increasing including more women and children
Bacon's followers
poor farmers seeking good farmland
South Carolina Crops
cash crops were sugar and rice
Act of Toleration
a 1649 Maryland law that provided religious freedom for all Christians
belief that other people have the right to different opinions
large estate farmed by many workers
Town Meeting
New England colonial meetings to vote on issues and make governing decisions
Indentured Servants
person who signs a contract to work for a set number of years in exchange for ocean passage to the colonies
John Winthrop
Puritan leader who established the Massachusetts Bay colony
Anne Hutchinson
questioned Puritan teachings and was expelled from Massachusetts Bay colony
William Penn
Quaker leader who started the Pennsylvania colony with a grant of land from the king
Nathaniel Bacon
Virginia farmer who burned Jamestown to the ground
Holy Experiment
Penn's idea that all people could live peacefully together in his colony despite ethnic or religious differences
Bacon's Rebellion Affects
more slaves instead of indentured servants (poor farmers) and England began to rule colonies more harshly
Slavery in Southern Colonies
long growing season resulted in many plantations which needed cheap or free labor to make large profits
13 Colonies
Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia.