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Financial Statement Analysis

ACC 201

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income before income tax plus interest charges divided by interest charges
The number of times interest charges are earned is computed as
contains debt financing
A company that is leveraged is one that
Cost of Goods Sold / Average Inventory
inventory turnover
next year's budget
Corporate annual reports typically do not contain which of the following?
(Net Income - Preferred Dividends) / Shares of Common Stock Outstanding
EPS on Common Stock
Net Income / Average Stockholders' Equity
Rate Earned on Stockholders' Equity
(Net Income + Interest Expense) / Average Total Assets
Rate Earned on Total Assets
base year figure
In horizontal analysis each item is expressed as a percentage of the
net sales
In a common-sized financial statement, which of the following is given a percentage of 100 percent?
the ability to convert assets into cash.
the ability of a business to pay debts.
current position analysis
a company's ability to pay its current liabilities, working capital, current ratio, and quick ratio
Current Assets-Current Liabilities
working capital
Current Assets/Current Liabilities
current ratio
Quick Assets/Current Liabilities
quick ratio
Net Sales/Average Accounts receivable
accounts receivable turnover
Average Accounts Receivable/Average Daily Sales (365)
number of days' sales in receivables
Cost of Goods Sold/Average Inventory
inventory turnover
Average Inventory/Average Daily Cost of Goods Sold (365)
number of days' sales in inventory
Total Liabilities/Total Stockholders' Equity
ratio of liabilities to stockholders' equity
Income Before Income Tax+Interest Expense/Interest Expense
number of times interest charges are earned
Net Sales/Average Total Assets
ratio of net sales to assets
Net Income+Interest Expense/Average Total Assets
rate earned on total assets
Net Income/Average Total Stockholders' Equity
rate earned on stockholders' equity
Net Income-Preferred Dividends/Average Common Stockholders' Equity
rate earned on common stockholders' equity
Net Income-Preferred Dividends/Shares of Common Stock Outstanding
earnings per share (EPS) on common stock