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Muscular system-

600 muscles that make up the human body and help us to move


requires thought to move a muscle in your body


does not require thought to do something in your body

smooth muscle-

moves food throughout the digestive system
also help blood vessels pump blood throughout the body

cardiac muscle-

pumps blood throughout the body

skeletal muscle-

enables bones to move


a muscle that bends part of your body


a muscle that straightens part of your body


strands of connective tissue that connect your bones to your muscles

resistance exercise-

when skeletal muscles are strengthened

aerobic exercise-

when endurance is increased by exercising


an injury in which a muscle or tendon is swollen or inflamed
the muscle becomes overstretched or torn


a condition in which a tendon becomes inflamed

anabolic steroids-

synthetic (man-made) testosterone which is the male hormone that signals the body to add muscle fiber.


a short single contraction


a long sustained contraction


the basic action of any muscle


a bundle of many cells called fibers


protein that makes up the thin filaments in a muscle fiber


protein that makes up the thick filaments in a muscle fiber


a basic rod-like unit of a muscle; composed of protein

Label the "muscle man"

Label the muscle fiber

What kind of muscle is a smooth muscle?


What kind of muscle is a skeletal muscle?


What kind of muscle is a cardiac muscle?


Where is a smooth muscle found in your body?

found in the digestive tract and in the walls of blood

Where is a skeletal muscle found in your body?

attached to your bones for movement

Where is a cardiac muscle found in your body?

found only in your heart

How does a muscle contract?

When you want to move, signals travel from your brain to your skeletal muscle cells. The muscle cells then contract, or get shorter.

In the arm muscle, is the bicep the flexor or extensor?


In the arm muscle, are the triceps the flexor or extensor?


What do the actin and myosin do during contraction?

the myosin thick filaments grab on to the actin thin filaments by forming cross-bridges. The thick filaments pull the thin filaments past them, making the fiber shorter

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