Action and Linking verbs

Gio walked home quickly to have a snack.
walked, action
Micaela seems upset with her little sister.
seems, linking
Jazmin's sisters played with her Barbies in her room.
played, action
The brown banana tastes funny.
tastes, linking
Julie ran in the New York Marathon.
ran, action
Mozart became a composer.
became, linking
Mr.V looked at us with a satisfied grin.
looked, action
Izzy looks sick.
looks, linking
The hamburger tasted rotten.
tasted, linking
Ervin walked to the other side of the room.
walked, action
Sierra skated around the rink.
skated, action
Eliza studied for the math test.
studied, action
Everybody is tired.
is, linking
Quizzes are hard.
are, linking
Exavion grew to be 6 feet tall.
grew, action