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Amendments 1-8

4th Amendment
Right to be free from unreasonable search and seizures. Warrants shall be issured upon probable cause describing specific place to be searched.
6th Amendment
Guarenteed the right to a speedy and pubic trial in the district where the crime was committed. The accused has the right to a lawyer and a fair judge.
5th Amendment
Guarentees the requirement of a grady jury indictment. Can't be compelled to witness against yourself. Must be given due process, no private property can be taken without "just compensation". Can't be punished more then once for the same crime "double jeopardy"
7th Amendment
Guarentees a trial by jury.
8th Amendment
Prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.
1st Amendment
Guarentees seperation of the church and state and freedom to worship; freedom of speech and press; the right to assemble and petition for change.
2nd Amendment
Right to bear arms.
3rd Amendment
Soldiers can not be housed in a private home without the consent of the owner.