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Psychology Test 1

What typically occurs during REM sleep?
Genital arousal
Exceptionally inhibited and fearful infants tend to become introverted adolescents. This best illustrates the long-term stability of:
Which phases of development extends from the beginnings of sexual maturity to independent adulthood?
A research method in which an investigator manipulates the factors that potentially produce a particular behavior is called an:
The awareness that things continue to exist even when they are not perceived is known as:
object permanence
Collectivism is most likely to be emphasized in:
Insomnia is a disorder involving:
recurring difficulty in falling or staying asleep
In any distribution of scores, an equal number of scores are both greater than and less than:
the median
Evolutionary psychologists emphasize that adaptive behaviors are those that have promoted:
reproductive success
Sets of expected behaviors for males and females are called:
gender roles
The impact of circadian rhythms is best illustrated by:
fluctuations in energy level and alertness across the span of the day
Biological growth processes that are relatively uninfluenced by experience and that enable orderly changes in behavior are referred to as:
The deterioration of memory and thinking caused by ailments such as Alzheimer's disease or a series of small strokes, for example, is called:
Genetic influences on personality traits are most clearly highlighted by comparing ________ with __________
Identical twins raised together; Fraternal twins raised together
A student who does not cheat on tests because he doesn't want to violate classroom rules is in Kohlberg's ________ stage.
Psychologists attempt to let the facts speak for themselves by using an approach that is best described as:
What task are 55 year old adults most likely to perform just as effectively as the could 30 years earlier?
writing a story
In which research method are the same people retested over a period of years?
Compared with women, men are more likely to:
perceive simple friendliness as a sexual come-on
Research indicates that most abusive parents report that they themselves were:
battered or neglected as children
Children's English accents are more likely to be influenced by their:
peers than by their parents
Non-reproductive sexual characteristics such as the deepened male voice and male facial hair are called:
secondary sex characteristics
Ethical principles developed by the American Psychological Associations and the British Psychological Society urge psychological investigators to:
ensure that research participants give informed consent before participating in the research.
When one monkeys sees a second monkey touch four pictures in a certain order to gain a banana, the first money learns to imitate the sequence. The best illustrates:
observational learning
A researcher would be most likely to discover a negative correlation between:
self-esteem and depression
Levels of self-esteem in children are highest among children with ______ parents.
Harmful chemicals or viruses that can be transferred from a mother to her developing fetus are called:
B.F. Skinner was a prominent American:
Mirror neurons most clearly provide us with the capacity for:
Which specialists are the most likely to prescribe a drug for the treatment of a psychological disorder?
The controversy over the relative contributions of genes and experience on psychological traits is the:
nature-nuture issue
When placed under unnatural constant illumination, most animals will experience:
circadian rhythm that exceeds 24 hours
Which psychological perspective highlights the manner in which people encode, process, store, and retrieve information?
The process by which certain birds form attachments during a critical period very early in life is called:
According to Erikson, adolescents who are unable to develop a sense of identity experience:
role confusion
Most researchers who have examined the effects of viewing televised aggression conclude that:
viewing violence leads children and teenagers to behave aggressively
The best evidence that 4 month old infants possess visual memory capabilities comes from research on:
In an experiment designed to study the effectiveness of a new drug for treating diabetes, research participants who receive a placebo have been assigned to the ________ group.
As a participant in a sleep-research study for the past three nights, Tim has been repeatedly disturbed during REM sleep. Tonight, when allowed to sleep undisturbed, Tim will likely experience:
an increase in REM sleep
Recognizing whether someone's facial expression is conveying a happy smile or a self-satisfied smirk is especially difficult for those with:
Research indicates that memories retrieved during hypnosis are:
often a combination of fact and fiction
Research on brian development suggests that repeated learning experiences seem to:
strengthen neural connections at the location that processes the experiences
Research on people's feelings of satisfaction with their lives indicates that:
young and older adults report being slightly happier than middle-aged adults
After the US occupation of Iraq led to a civil war rather than a peaceful democracy, some commentators perceived the result as inevitable. This perception best illustrates:
hindsight bias
When Joan touched her infant's cheek, he turned his head toward the side that was touched and opened his mouth, Joan was eliciting the reflex to:
root for nipple
To calculare the numerical value of the standard deviation, you should first compute the value of the:
The complete set of genetic information in an organism's chromosomes is called the:
Research on gender and aggression indicates that:
throughout the world, males are more likely than females to commit violent crimes
The whole group from which samples may be drawn is called a: