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  1. imperial bodyguard, killed many emperors, loyalty is an issue, someone to do the dirty work
  2. JC's first follower, he was the leader of a sect w/in Judaism, adds baptism and lord's supper, he's still a traditionalist
  3. Julio-Claudian, relative peace, expanding the empire, imperial bureaucracy
  4. historian, wrote 124 books, Romes history up to the Empire, Republican virtue
  5. liked simple pleasures, created fasti the religous calander, celebrated PR
  1. a Claudius
  2. b Peter
  3. c Ovid
  4. d Praetorian Guard
  5. e Livy

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  1. tetrarchy
  2. Vespasian
  3. imperial bureaucracy
  4. barracks emperors
  5. diocletion

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  1. adopted son, successor, senate confirmed his appointmentTiberius


  2. terrorist group, want to get Rome out so Judea,they create a military force,refuse to pay Roman taxes, Masada (place where they decided to kill themselves before the Romans do)zealots


  3. carpenter, "man of peace", jewish, he didn't preach against Rome, preaches about salvation in afterlifeWHy was Jesus a popular agitator ?


  4. first citizen of the state - augustusConstitutional Monarchy


  5. believe is greco-roman gods, 3 roles are state religion, traditional household gods, mystery cultsOvid