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  1. he accepted greek culture, ordered all jew boys killed
  2. anyone can go to heaven, if you repent your sins, you'll be forgiven, breaks with Judaism, traveled, he;s most responsible for spreading religion, spread to the poor,gentiles, and women
  3. triumphed over 4 others and made his position as emperor, controled the eastern empire, he set up his sons as his successors,Flavian, admits its a monarchy
  4. named after Septimus Severus,successors weren't well suited for the job, the last severi was killed by his own soldier
  5. Diocletian, east and west empire, 1 Caesar each , 2 prefectures each, dioceses
  1. a Why didn't the jews like Herod ?
  2. b Paul
  3. c tetrarchy
  4. d severan dynasty
  5. e Vespasian

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  1. Jesus of Nazareth
  2. pagans
  3. imperial bureaucracy
  4. Ovid
  5. Pontius Pilate

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  1. terrorist group, want to get Rome out so Judea,they create a military force,refuse to pay Roman taxes, Masada (place where they decided to kill themselves before the Romans do)zealots


  2. historian, wrote 124 books, Romes history up to the Empire, Republican virtueLivy


  3. ambitious, kills wife and sons, rules over Judea , king of a puppet kingdomHerod the Great


  4. Julio-Claudian, relative peace, expanding the empire, imperial bureaucracyClaudius


  5. adopted son, successor, senate confirmed his appointmentVirgil


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