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  1. created cult,worshiping Augustus' spirit,honors Pax Roman
  2. Put an end to turmoil, the elect of god, he separated the empire into a tetrarchy
  3. "Full power of the tribunes" defends peoples power, calls senate into sessions, presents legislation
  4. triumphed over 4 others and made his position as emperor, controled the eastern empire, he set up his sons as his successors,Flavian, admits its a monarchy
  5. terrorist group, want to get Rome out so Judea,they create a military force,refuse to pay Roman taxes, Masada (place where they decided to kill themselves before the Romans do)
  1. a Roma et Augustus
  2. b diocletion
  3. c zealots
  4. d tribunica potestas
  5. e Vespasian

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  1. Pontius Pilate
  2. Constantine
  3. Livy
  4. Age of Antonine
  5. Herod the Great

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  1. wrote the aneid, wrote about Rome's simplicityWHy was Jesus a popular agitator ?


  2. small administrative units, they had provincial governors, these governors only had civil and administrative power b/c of distributed powerdiocletion


  3. first citizen of the state - augustusprincipes civitatis


  4. Julio-Claudian, relative peace, expanding the empire, imperial bureaucracyClaudius


  5. named after Septimus Severus,successors weren't well suited for the job, the last severi was killed by his own soldierTiberius