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  1. wrote the aneid, wrote about Rome's simplicity
  2. monarchy but kings powers are limited by the constitution
  3. historian, wrote 124 books, Romes history up to the Empire, Republican virtue
  4. he accepted greek culture, ordered all jew boys killed
  5. ambitious, kills wife and sons, rules over Judea , king of a puppet kingdom
  1. a Livy
  2. b Virgil
  3. c Why didn't the jews like Herod ?
  4. d Constitutional Monarchy
  5. e Herod the Great

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  1. Constantine
  2. dioceses
  3. Paul
  4. pagans
  5. principes civitatis

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  1. adopted son, successor, senate confirmed his appointmentTiberius


  2. Julio-Claudian, relative peace, expanding the empire, imperial bureaucracyClaudius


  3. carpenter, "man of peace", jewish, he didn't preach against Rome, preaches about salvation in afterlifeWHy was Jesus a popular agitator ?


  4. 5 good emperors-nerva, tragan, hadrian, antionus pius, marcus aureliusTiberius


  5. Knew Augustus and Virgil, didn't come from wealth,had a good education, wrote about Rome's simplicityHorace