11 terms

Sentence Patterns 1-10

SP 1: two short, related sentences now joined w/ semicolon
S V ; S V Ex: Hard work is one side of the equation; talent is the other.
Variation of SP 1 using conjunction
S V ; however, S V
SP 2 compound sentence with elliptical construction
S V DO or SC ; S , DO or SC Ex: "The is the blossom; language, the bud; action, the fruit"
SP 3 compound sentence with explanatory statement
general statement (idea) : specific statement (example) Ben Franklin had many talents: he was an inventor, a writer, etc..
SP 4 a series without a conjunction
a , b , c Ex: The boy's bike was blue, glittery, sleek.
Variation of SP 4 a series with conjunctions between each item
a or b or c / a and b and c Ex: The clouds rumbled and clashed and rolled.
SP 5 a series of balanced pairs
a and b, c and d, e and f Ex: Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde were all famous lovers in literature.
SP 8 dependent clauses in a pair or series
If..., if..., if..., then S V.
SP 7 an internal series of appositives
S - appositive, appositive, appositive - V Ex: The basterds - Rainn, Stiglitz, Wicki - arrived at the theater with a suitcase.
SP 10 emphatic appositive at end, after colon
S V : the appositive Ex: Harry looked at the floor and saw it: the map.
Variation of SP 10 appositive after a dash
S V - the appositive Ex: John tripped over the one thing he shouldn't have - the wire.