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  1. Neuronal Cell Body
  2. Repolarization
  3. Axon Hillock
  4. Interneuron
  5. -40mv and -90mv
  1. a region of the cell body from which the axon generates
  2. b site of the nucleus and most important metabolic area
  3. c K+ moves out of the cell causing the membrane potential to move in a negative direction.
  4. d neuron serving as part of the conduction pathway between sensory and motor neurons; association neurons
  5. e What is the resting membrane potential in a human?

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  1. Difference in electrical charge across the plasma membrane. The membrane would be POLARIZED.
  2. insulates the nerve fibers
  3. specialized supporting cells in the CNS
  4. What period is it during repolarization, the membrane may be stimulated if a very strong stimulus is used?
  5. a bundle of nerve processes

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  1. Bipolar Neuronone axon and one dendrite


  2. Satellite CellsPhagocytize and destroy microorganisms, foreign matter, and dead nervous tissue


  3. PNS - Peripheral Nervous Systemthe brain and spinal cord collectively


  4. Threshold StimulusThe amt of stimulus needed to create an action potential. NA+ rushes into the cell increasing the number of positive ions inside the cell and changing the membrane polarity


  5. Axonimpulse generator and transmitter