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  1. Resting membrane potential
  2. Neurofibril
  3. Relative Refractory period
  4. Astrocytes
  5. Satellite Cells
  1. a may be involved in the transport of substances within the neuron
  2. b the PNS glial cell that surrounds the dorsal root ganglion neurons
  3. c What period is it during repolarization, the membrane may be stimulated if a very strong stimulus is used?
  4. d Difference in electrical charge across the plasma membrane. The membrane would be POLARIZED.
  5. e Form the supportive framework for the nervous tissue; contact and stimulate blood capillaries; convert blood glucose; secret proteins; regulate chemical composition of tissue fluid

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  1. a cordlike organ of the PNS composed of multiple nerve fibers ensheathed in connective tissue
  2. binds groups of fibers together to form bundles
  3. carry signals toward the CNS from the body periphery; sensory neurons
  4. Ganglia and spinal and cranial nerves
  5. Phagocytize and destroy microorganisms, foreign matter, and dead nervous tissue

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  1. RepolarizationThe interior surface fo the membrane becomes less negative and the exterior surface becomes less positive


  2. -70 mvWhat is the resting membrane potential of a frog?


  3. Multipolar Neuronone axon and multiple dendrites; efferent neurons and interneurons are multipolar


  4. Axon Terminalsecretes neurotransmitters


  5. Synapsejunction or point of close contact between neurons


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