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  1. Compound nerve action potential
  2. Absolute Refractory Period
  3. Endoneurium
  4. CNS - Central Nervous System
  5. Hyperpolarization
  1. a What period is it when the sodium ion channels are open, the membrane is totally insensitive to additional stimuli, regardless of the force of the stimulus?
  2. b the brain and spinal cord collectively
  3. c The cumulation of action potential of all neurons in a nerve
  4. d surrounds each nerve fiber
  5. e The membrane has become more negative than resting potential. Until the channels close.

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  1. binds all of the fascicles together
  2. insulates the nerve fibers
  3. receptive region of a neuron
  4. Phagocytize and destroy microorganisms, foreign matter, and dead nervous tissue
  5. junction or point of close contact between neurons

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  1. Schwann Cellsthe PNS glial cell that forms myelin


  2. Axon Terminalregion of the cell body from which the axon generates


  3. Neurofibrilspecialized supporting cells in the CNS


  4. DepolarizationK+ moves out of the cell causing the membrane potential to move in a negative direction.


  5. Conductivitya bundle of nerve processes