Conjunctions and Interjections Practice


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The money is real, BUT it has been shredded.
BUT: Coordinating (A)
Anyone can take home some souvenir money, FOR in the bureau's visitor center, machines automatically dispense 75-cent packets of shredded currency.
FOR: Coordinating (A)
Visitors to the Bureau of Engraving AND printing in Washington can buy 150 dollars' worth of United States currency for 75 cents, BUT there is a catch.
AND: Coordinating (A)
BUT: Coordinating (A)
Every day the bureau shreds NOT ONLY new, misprinted currency, BUT ALSO stamps AND other items that are not fit for circulation.
NOT ONLY: Correlative (B)
BUT ALSO: Correlative (B)
AND: Coordinating (A)
Each of the twelve Federal Reserve district banks is also authorized to dispose of unusable currency, WHETHER it be old, soiled, OR worn.
WHETHER: Correlative (B)
OR: Correlative (B)
Residents of Los Angeles can EITHER drop by the district bank OR request a delivery.
EITHER: Correlative (B)
OR: Correlative (B)