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  1. to put, place
  2. to depart
  3. to move, yield, go
  4. to divide
  5. to conquer
  1. a vinco vincere vīci victum
  2. b cedo cedere cessi cessum
  3. c pono ponere posui positum
  4. d excedo excedere excessi excessurum
  5. e divido dividere divīsī divīsum

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  1. constituo constituere constitui constitutum
  2. eo ire ii iturum
  3. mitto mittere misi missum
  4. dico dicere dīxi dictum
  5. statuo statuere statui statutum

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  1. to readlego legere lēgi lectum


  2. to play, mock, make fun ofludo ludere lūsi lusum


  3. to kill, slay, cut downago agere ēgi actum


  4. to beat, strikepello pellere pepuli pulsum


  5. to eatlego legere lēgi lectum