Study Guide 3 Part 2

Mr. Dietrich's study guide
Which of the following Web-based applications is NOT sometimes characterized as Web 2.0?
cloud computing
A(n) _____ is a collection of related information organized and formatted so it can be accessed using software called a browser.
Web site
Visitors to a Web site are sometimes called Web _____.
In the URL found in the accompanying figure, "http" is the _____.
Web protocol standard
Which of the following is a Web resource?
any of the above
An HTTP exchange takes place over a pair of ____.
A ____ HTTP connection reuses the same HTTP connection to send and receive multiple requests.
When your browser fetches pages and graphics to form a Web page, it stores them in a temporary file on your hard drive called a Web _____.
A _____ enables a Web server to keep track of your activity and compile a list of your purchases.
_____ provides tools specifically designed to enter and format Web page text, graphics, and links.
Web authoring software
A(n) _____ is a series of instructions that is embedded directly into an HTML document that instruct the browser to carry out specific action or to respond to specific user actions.
HTML script
Applications written in the Java programming language are called Java ____.
A(n) ____ certificate is an electronic attachment to a file that verifies the identity of its source.
A(n) _____ helps people locate information on the Web by formulating simple keyword queries.
search engine
A Web ____, automated to methodically visit Web sites, can be programmed to perform various activities as it visits those sites.
A search engine's _____ looks for your search terms in the search engine's indexed database and returns a list of relevant Web sites.
query processor
The _ wildcard character allows a search engine to find pages with any derivation of a basic word.
When you use a search engine, it stores all of the following information about your query EXCEPT ____.
your name
Many ____ sites act as relay stations to forward your searches to search engines without leaving a trail back to a cookie or IP address.
When you purchase a textbook online from a site like "", you are participating in ____ e-commerce.
Both SSL and its successor, ____, protocols that encrypt data traveling between a client computer and an HTTP server.
Which if the following statements is NOT true?
Web pages that provide a secure connection start with httpx: instead of http:.
PayPal is a pioneering example of a(n) ____ payment system.
P2P (person-to-person)
Incoming mail can be stored on a(n) ____ server until it's downloaded to the inbox on your hard disk.
____ is similar to POP3, but it leaves messages on the server until you specifically delete them.
IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol)
To use local e-mail you must install e-mail ____ software on your computer.
Webmail allows you to use a(n) ____ to access and view your e-mail messages.
Before sending a large attachment in an e-mail, you can use a(n) _____ to shrink it.
compression program
Why might your coworker be offended by the message
in terms of netiquette, you are shouting
Which of the following may pose a threat to your computer's security and/or your privacy?
all of the above
____ software is a type of security software designed to identify and neutralize Web bugs, ad-serving cookies, and other types of malware.
A tradeoff to the anonymity offered by anonymous _____ is that they tend not to operate at the same speed as your regular browser.
An e-mail scam designed to persuade you into revealing confidential information by replying to an e-mail is called ____.
To avoid becoming a spam victim, you should _____.
use a disposable e-mail address when you register for online sites.
_____ scheming redirect users to fake sites by poisoning a domain name server with a fake IP address.
The type of manual calculator used in Ancient Rome, Greece, India, China, and Japan is called a(n) ____.
Punched cards were used in ____.
none of the above
The U.S Census Bureau held a competition to find a way to tabulate the 1890 census. The Hollerith Tabulating Machine. The company is now known as _____.
The first electronic computer to use vacuum tubes instead of switches was the ____.
The electronic device used to decode messages encrypted by the Germans was the _____.
The general-purpose electronic computer designed to calculate trajectory tables for the U.S. Army was _____.
The first commercially successful digital computer was the ____.
Computers characterized by their use of transistors are considered _____-generation.
Computers characterized by their use of microprocessors ____-generation
The first commercial microcomputer was the ____.
MITS Altair
By the mid-1990s, IBM-compatible computer systems accounted for more than ___ percent of all personal computer sales.
The popularity of PCs was in large part brought about by the ____.
The ____ Act enhances the authority of law enforcement agents to prevent various terrorist acts such as monitoring electronic communication without a warrant.
USA Patriot
The ____ Act extends telephone wiretap laws by restricting government agents and unauthorized third parties from tapping into data transmissions without a search warrant.
Electronic Communications Privacy
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition whose effects are made worse by keyboard use. the accompanying figure represents a hand. Box B indicates the _____.
transverse carpal ligament